Jiyin seems the Apple of aquariums at the CIPS 2017

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - videocamera 360If you love technology and aesthetics you sure know Apple. And if you was ever been in a Apple Store somewhere in the world you can recognize them very easily.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

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Jiyin, a chinese company that we didn’t know, got inspiration from the Apple concept, indeed it reproposed the same idea, hoping it will be successful.

It had tables similar to the ones of any Apple Store, products in plain sight, enormous screens, beautiful boxes in binders following the Apple style. It was an explicit reference. We can’t tell about the quality of the tools, but it was impossible not to notice them, so we stopped and watched.

Maybe the pictures don’t convey it enough, but Jiyin‘s booth was very beautiful, clean and linear. And it was just full of people.

All Jiyin’s products

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin

Jiyin‘s idea, as we have already seen, is to provide an expandable and always connected ecosystem even in the aquaristics world.

Let’s begin saying some numbers of this company: Jiyin has 3.500.000 clients, a 3 years business history, and 35 employees in the Research and Development sector. It even owns 6 patents.

Now let’s see its products.

Smart Socket

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - smart socket

We’re talking about a multiple socket, which can be commanded by the smartphone, and linked to any task, more or less the same thing you can do with Aquatronica (review) or SaltWaterCloud (article). It’s stylistically a beautiful tool, with the sockets in the inferior part and a small led in the upper part that shows its state.

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - smart socketIn this case we have a multiple socket with 6 inputs. Obviously they’ve a chinese shape, they’re compatible with the italian one but it’s a little bulky.

360 degrees video camera

Another interesting product is a surveillance camera for aquariums, which can be oriented and allows a web connection.

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - videocamera 360

It’s beautiful at the sight but unluckily it’s just about 720p, even with the connection speed we have it’s not a wrong idea. Sure, it could have been in fullHD at least and it could have been commanded in a dynamic way, that is trough the network, the data transmission speed.

It can be commanded in time with the app, it has infrared vision, it continues working even if without network connection and it obviously can rotate about 360 degrees.

PH sensors, level, TDS, temperature and humidity

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - i controllerThere are different available sensors to associate to the app system, from a level sensor to a sensor for the temperature in aquarium, stating humidity and temperature of the environment. Then the pH and TDS sensor. There’re coming other types, but the availability is already elevated. Depending on the obtained result you can set an action with the smart socket. Moreover the value can be read in real time thanks to the app. In case of a value out of the range you can be warned by notification.

The heaters

Jiyin has also a line of connected heaters.

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - i riscaldatoriThey can be about 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 watt. So they cover any type of need. Each heater has its own temperature probe, and it can be monitored and used remotely, too. Any Jiyin‘s product in fact don’t need the smart socket to work, and with it you can do more things, but it’s not binding. Each device always works in stand-alone modality.

If the heater doesn’t perceive the presence of water turns off independently, not risking the break.

Smart Control Spectrum, the ceiling lights

Same concept even if for the ceiling lights presented by Jiyin.

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - le plafoniereThe ceiling lights are essentially led bars which can be commanded by our usual app Jiyin. Unfortunately we haven’t the specs of the led.

Aquarium air pumps

In this case the air pump is a very “simple” air pump. It’s not connected with input or output. It just works, and according to Jiyin it’s extremely silent. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to be proved in a place so noisy like a fair.

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - gli areatoriThere two models of 10 and 16 watt, proposed in different colors.

Automatic feeders

In the catalog there are also the feeders. They’re not connected, but they’re automatic.

Cips 2017: stand Jiyin - le mangiatoie automatiche


For other informations about Jiyin we invite you to see their official website. As you can imagine, and as we’ve written, Jiyin is currently not available in Italy, and all the sockets are according to the chinese standard. There’s also the link to our editorial about the CIPS 2017, where you can find all the other links to  the articles we wrote or we’re going to write from today onward.