Zoomark 2017: the Prodac booth and a new garlic feed

Lo stand Prodac a Zoomark 2017Prodac introduced itself to the Zoomark 2017 with its beautiful booth in the colors of the sea.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

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Even this year the Italian Prodac International is in full activity and will be present at the major events about aquarium market. Some days ago we began to talk about the PetsFestival 2017 (here but in Italian for now) where Prodac sure will be a protagonist. It’s difficult not to know Prodac in the aquaristic world because it’s very active in marine aquarium as well as in fresh water aquarium.

The company has been founded in 1976 so it has a lot of years of experience and a very complete product line: products for water treatment, for pounds, feeds for animals (fish, turtles and reptiles), substratums and more. It’s a very wide collection which interests various branches, but for timing issues we’re going to mention only the news presented at the Zoomark 2017.

Prodac’s news at the Zoomark 2017

I nuovi prodotti Prodac allo Zoomark 2017Like we said, Prodac has a very high number of products. Today we’re going to focus on the news, like any every other booth. You can see here above some of new products.

I nuovi prodotti Prodac allo Zoomark 2017

We can give you some details for these products:

  • Alga Control: Treatment for fresh water aquariums which prevents and fights the formation of algae and infusoria;
  • Aquasana: Bioconditioning for both marine and fresh water aquariums for the elimination of chlorine and the effects of heavy metals in order to prepare the water for the fish. It contains Aloe Vera to protect the skin of fish;
  • Biotrix Blackwater: Treatment for fresh water aquariums that contains humic acids in order to recreate the same conditions of certain tropical waters. It also has mineral salts to integrate osmotic waters and trace elements;
  • Mutaphi M: Solution for marine aquariums that increases the pH to the desired level;
  • Mutaph D: Solution for fresh water aquariums that increases the pH to the desired level;
  • Nitridac: Culture of selected bacteria in order to absorb organic matter and transform the ammonia. It could be used both in fresh water and marine aquariums, in new and started ones;
  • Arowana Elixir: Concentrate solution for Arowana which contains iodium, magnesium and the whole range of the B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12). At first we thought that the beautiful Arowana were only an asiatic prerogative, but we were wrong. Here there’s the beautiful conference by Tony Vargas where are also mentioned these beautiful fish;
  • Discus Elixir: Elisir like Arowana, it’s a concentrate solution of iodium, magnesium and B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), specifically designed for Discus.

Moreover all the products can be proud of a graphic and packaging upgrade.

Prodac Nutron products

Prodac NutronFerro e NutronFlora

The same upgrade is for the Nutron product series, that are NutronFerro and NutronFlora. NutronFerro is a mineral salts supplement, improved with ferrous in order to help the growth of aquatic plants. NutronFlora is a generic supplement always for the growth of plants. Both products are now available in 100, 250, 500 or 5000ml packages.

Prodac Coldwater GranulesUpgrade also for Prodac feeds.

Here above you can see feeds for red fish, enriched to make their red colour stands out.

Prodac Biogran Garlic

Finally Biogran Garlic, a complete granular food for all aquarium fish. Thanks to the garlic addition, which is a natural antibiotic, the body of the fish is reinforced and it can help fish in the digestive process. It’s available in two packages, 50 or 120 grams.

If you want to know better Prodac International and its products we invite you visit the homepage through the links here on the side. As always, we remind you our Editorial if you want to know more about the Zoomark 2017 exhibition, from which you can reach all the articles we’ve written about until today.

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