Zoomark 2017: SDC pumps at Sicce’s booth and Seachem booth

Seachem at the Zoomark 2017

Seachem has shown an incredible amount of products.We have already seen many of them during the Open House. You can see it again here and at page 4 you’ll find the descriptions of all the new interesting products.

Andrea Ongaro entertained us for Seachem. He began in Italy but today he works directly for the headquarters of Seachem in the States.

The Tidal filter

As you can see in the picture here upon, the more interesting product (which has all Seachem attention today), it’s the new Tidal filter that it’s available in three different forms and it seems to be very liked by the public.

It’s a innovative, backpacked filter with some important technical devices. Here there’re the three shown models:

  • Tidal 55 for aquariums until 200 liters, with a flow rate of 1000 l/h and a declared consumption of 5 Watt;
  • Tidal 75 for aquariums until 300 liters, with a flow rate of 1500 l/h and consumption of 7 Watt;
  • Tidal 110 for aquariums until 400 liters, with a flow rate of 2000 l/h and consumption of 10 Watt.

All the three filters are composed by a one-piece enclosure in order to reduce the losses due to the junctures. We can find in it the aspiration pump with the self-cleaning and adjustable rotor (with a ferrule in the upper part); the place for the basket with the various media and even a free space in case you want to place a heater.

The new Vibrant Sea salt by Seachem

Another interesting product (in preview for the italian market) is the new marine salt Vibrant Sea. In truth, it doesn’t reach the quality of the Aquavitro (here other informations), but this salt is in any case a high quality offer. This is another product we’re longing to have in our hands.

Andrea‘s touch was clear even in this beautiful Aquascaping.

And in this hardscape, before it was filled with water.

If you want to deepen the knowledge of Sicce and Seachem we invite you to visit their homepage through the links here on the side. As always, we remind you our Editorial if you want to know more about the Zoomark 2017 exhibition, from which you can reach all the articles we’ve written about.

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