Zoomark 2017: SDC pumps at Sicce’s booth and Seachem booth

The combined booth of Sicce Seachem was one of the more impressive ones at Zoomark 2017.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

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Sicce is a company that has always believed in the Zoomark 2017, and its booth represented this position. The booth was contoured in pavillon 19, dedicated to AquaProject, occupying a whole side of the place, meant for the Aquascaping and the stage for the shows.

Sicce and Seachem shared the same booth because they have created an important synergy presented to the public during the Open House on this february. You can read here our reportage of that event.

The new Syncra SDC pumps by Sicce

We met Federico Carraro for Sicce Italia who introduced us to this great new by Sicce for 2017: the new SDC pump or Syncra DC (Direct Current). We had already saw a prototype of this pump at the Interzoo 2016 (here) and at the Open House.

Today, the news is that the pump will be soon available in the shops. And we will obviously provide it to test personally.

The Syncra SDC 7.0 (in the previous picture) has a flow rate of 7000 l/h, as the name itself says. It has 3,5 meters of hydraulic head and the maximum consumption is about 60Watt. It’s a very interesting pump which will be supported by two sisters, a big and a small one:

  • Syncra SDC 5.5 of 5700 l/h of flow rate, 3 meters of hydraulic head and a maximum consumption of 50Watt;
  • Syncra SDC 9.0 of 9000 l/h of flow rate, 4,5 meters of hydraulic head and a maximum consumption of 90Watt.

These three pumps expand the offer of the returning pumps currently on market and they move the interest to the DC pumps.

Federico Carraro ci illustra il funzionamento delle nuove pompe Sicce Syncra SDC

Federico Carraro shows us the operation of the new Sicce Syncra SDC pumps

This pump has got the peculiarity to be totally set up by smartphone. We create a wifi network connected to our device with which we decide the flow rate of the pump. But it exists also a physical controller that you can see in the picture below.

Federico has shown us that the wi-fi security protocol has been created in order to be resistant from the outward. You can tell that we’re looking forward to have one of these incredible tools in our sump.

Here above you can see a couple of Sicce Syncra SDC. They almost seem the same pump, but they’re two different types, as you can see from the tag (on that one on the right) and from the PVC junctions.

Seachem’s booth at page two

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