Tunze Turbelle Stream 3: preview

tunze turbelle stream 3 6150We have in our hands the Tunze Turbelle Stream 3 or Tunze 6150, a very special pump. Qui l’articolo in italiano.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

It has been presented at the Nuremberg exhibition (our article here). It’s very big, more than every other pump we ever used. It’s 18 cm of length and has a 8 cm diameter.

This time Tunze has detached itself from the classic design of pumps and proposed something alternative and unconventional.

But let’s start with the specific peculiarities of this new pump.

Technical characteristics of the Tunze Turbelle Stream 3

 Maximum range  15.000 l/h
 Consumption  50 w
 Suggested aquarium  until 3.000 l
 Length  18,40 cm
 Width  7,06 cm
 Height  9,30 cm
 Maximum efficiency (lxw)  300 l/w
 Declared price  299,90 euro
 Economic efficiency (lx€)  50 l/€

tunze turbelle stream 3 6150

Its relationship litres/watts (300) is one of the best in the category. For example, the recently reviewed Maxspect Gyre XF 280 (article)  stops at 281 litres per watt. Even from the economic point of view has good values, with 50 litres for each euro.

We’re talking about a electric pump with an adjustable synchronous engine. It’s possible to use it in many different ways, or at least that’s what it promises. You can use it in line, perpendicularly, with the deflector, etc. In this way it can be inserted in the aquarium where it bothers the less, and that’s a precious solution considered its dimensions.
A good place for placing the pump may be behind the rocks (with the deflector towards the posterior glass) and set it up on impulses, so you can both have motion and hide the pump.

tunze turbelle stream 3 6150

The pump is presented as extremely silent thanks to its group of rotors with magnetic pads. In the next days we will test it and measure the noise.

The controller

tunze turbelle stream 3 6150 - single controller

The Tunze Turbelle Stream 3 follows the new Tunze‘s product line, which provides a single controller for each electric pump. It’s a good news for who, like me,  comes from the “old school“, where the multicontroller had to be bought separately. Remember, for example, the Multicontroller 7096 (review), that can be used even with this Stream 6150.

This single controller makes possible to set the motion by the whole range of the pump, creating waves, simulating high and low tide. That’s also the button for fish feeding.

tunze turbelle stream 3 6150 - elica

The pump surely isn’t so cheap, but considering its large use especially in big aquariums, it’s easily in competition with the Gyre XF 280 (article) or the Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40 (review), while still having a more aggressive price.

What do you think? In the next weeks our review will undoubtedly clarify you. Feel free to ask anything you want using the comments, our facebook page or our forum.

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