Editorial: Nuremberg Interzoo 2016

Finally we have as well Federico Turato  review.

Interzoo 2016 ended. It has been my first experience with, and I can see that I was very impressed by the size and lot of exhibitors that joined the event. Even if I was interested only about aquarium I looked as well to the other stand.

Two days were too less to visit the whole fair, I believe that I visited only half stand about aquarium and 1/100 (maybe less) of the others.

Talking about the highlights i want to start from Biopod, a Canadian company that produces paludariums of small dimensions with high technological content. The Dendrobates tank fascinated all DaniReef group.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga biopod 517

I would direct the second focus to two LED ceiling lights that caught my interest, the first is the cluster control of modular ceiling by DayTime , Simone and Maurizio already spoken about, the second one is more traditional but by with a very attractive design. It is the ceiling light Aqua Medic, which introduces no particular news, but the thin shape, very elegant, makes it very attractive. Both of these lighting systems are passive, thereby eliminating the noise and at the same time an element that may be damaged. The other feature they have in common (and which allows it to function without fans) is the 0.5 liter Watt theory I have found in many other products displayed, and will deepen in one of our future articles.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga aquamedic 223

Even Illumagic, a company imported in Italy by Corallinea, presented a modular ceiling, very innovative in his customization. At the fair there was only a prototype, we are waiting for the ultimately version to give you a good review.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga illumagic 1354

Several companies, instead, presented in their plastic polymer version of glue.  They were plastic balls, which in contact with the hot water they become malleable and allow it to be used to paste corals. To name a manufacturer in alphabetical order, the DVH Aquatic offers the Fragsation whose balls melt around 60 ° or the corresponding by Preis with the unimaginative name: Preis Easy Glue-which already melts at 41 °.

A technical accessory that I want to put a spotlight, is the prototype of cylindrical ATS exposed by Skimz and probably will become a must-have for me. ATS stands for Algae Turf Scrubber, and rest assured that we’ll talk extensively in the coming weeks.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga skimz 2077

Two pleasant surprises were the Seaway Aqua and Arka, the first English and German the second, just from Nuremberg. These companies proposed a line of feed, supplements and similar products very interesting.

Finally I can’t forget the special aquariums made in Greece by IFALOS, because they captured my wishes.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga ifalos 1318

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga ifalos 1306

We will publish several article and we are going to create a linkabile list in this page.

Enjoy your reading.

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