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Editorial: Nuremberg Interzoo 2016


So now it’s time to read the words of Simone Baglioni, who recently created, among other things, a new 700-liter aquarium that we hope soon to let you see in these pages.

Amtra offerte per acquario

At the end of the fair, as usual is time to take stock of the situation. I was very impressed by the organization – because this was my first Interzoo – that showed his accuracy and punctuality, by the big spaces and by the number of stands as well. I am not only speaking about aquariology, that we examined specifically, but all the others as well. A lot of gadget, pet objects, going from dog and cat blankets to weird things. How you can avoid to smile in front of a beer chicken flavored? Yes, chicken, because dogs are mad about it! And it is alcool free so there aren’t any problem to drive..

Joking aside, but my first experience in Nurnberg left me a lot of positive sensation, even if with a bit of sadness because of the absence of big aquariology company (such as LgmAcquari, Xaqua, OceanLife etc) that we would like to see at the fair.

Anyway there were a lot of news this year, not a revolutionary one to be honest, but very curious and they deserved to be named.

This is my personal top chart about the news of this fair:

3° place goes to the modular lamps DayTime produced by the German company Waltron, not only because they are equipped with a good control system (now common to most of the LED lamps), but for the variety of modules that allow a total configuration by the user, ease of assembly and the final light yield which seemed definitely a good standard. I really hope to have the opportunity to test these lighting systems better in the near future; we will still have opportunity to tell you more about it in a future article.

2nd place in my opinion should be assigned to the new type of glue for corals or rocks, already seen at the Animal Show in Rimini, it was very successful at the fair, it has been presented as novelty for four companies, such as ATI , DVH Aquatic, Grotech, and Preis. We well speak better about later, but in the meantime I can certainly say that it is very nice to finally have a product easy to use, with no-mess in the tank and completely non-toxic for animals,  it is valid replacement to the old two-component adhesives which, in my opinion, are less comfortable.

First place I put definitely the new skimmers made by Skimz. A line of really interesting products that uses skimming ellipsoidal section rooms to reduce the size in the sump and that, according to the manufacturer, should maintain the same characteristics of the skimming of the considerations and certainly more bulky circular skimmers.


2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga skimz 2048-2

As usual we will try to provide more detailed and accurate information about all interesting products these days.

So let the word to Massimo Morpurgo, aquarium curator at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Bolzano.

The Interzoo 2016 trade show proved to be even bigger than the previous editions. Too big to be visited in all my time. So I set myself the priority by selecting a dozen companies, in my point of view, particularly interesting. Going from one stand to another I tried to grasp the novelty of other exhibitors. I stopped for a long time in the stand of Schuran  that also hosted Abyzz. The Abyzz recirculation pumps are a shining example of German technology. They are built with high quality materials with screws and titanium impeller, and designed to last a lifetime, in fact, have a warranty of 10 years. The only flaw is the price which is quite challenging. I was struck by the beauty of the large Plexiglas tanks by Schuran, perfectly finished and complete with filtration systems.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga schuran 1975

The big LED headlights of 150 to 500 W were interesting as well, they are designed to public aquarium and they can replace metal halide lamps of 400 and 1000 W. I  saw these headlights at Pacific Sun and Maxspect stand, but other company such as Aqua Medic sell them.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga pacific sun 1673
LED Headlight by Pacific Sun to emule HQi from 400 to 1000 watt

Finally, the DeJong Marinelife reef aquarium absolutely deserved to be seen and photographed. In addition to the incredible variety of species of coral and fish and decoration, I was impressed by the square basic form of the tank with the impressive lighting consists of 16 LED by LANI ( by Triton world).

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga dejong marinelife 767

Now we can read Maurizio Zannoni review, he is an historic member of Magna Romagna (read here) and he is with us for his 10 years of Interzoo.

The Aqua Medic stand impressed me a lot. When I saw it I suddenly said: “Wow, I would have my marine aquarium with them!!!’’ All were beautiful, the LED headlight ceiling by Spectrum, Xenia tanks, EVO system for electric skimmer controller, the filling system tank of evaporated water and as well the bif quantity of accessories that they provide (such as a superfine microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of the tank glass …).

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga aquamedic 250

I was impressed as well by DayTime with their modular ceiling, because being modular you can buy individual components and accessories (of all types) to suit your size requirements, color and light power LED system. They are also aesthetically nice, the price is the only pity because it is not so cheap.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga daytime 757

Finally, even if it is not an aquarium, I was fascinated by Biopod which is a self-sustaining ecosystem that replicates real-world environments where you can keep both reptiles fish but everything in a smart way. Via an app (on smartphones, tablets and computers) you can adjust all the parameters of temperature, humidity, ventilation and rainfall based on the needs of the plants and animals it contains.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga biopod 492

Interzoo is the biggest fair in the world for the pet industry, it is really impressive with its exhibition area of about 115,000 square meters and the large number of visitors , about 1,800 exhibitors including manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers from many countries. Presenting products for domestic animals and innovative supplies for animals. This makes the fair a source of inspiration for the international pet industry, where the trade visitor and fails to get an overview of the global market of the latest products for the feeding of pets, grooming and pet accessories , birds, ornamental fish and terrarium animals.

The last page with Federico Turato (HkK) and all the links to our articles

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