Interzoo 2012: Genesis, Deltec, D-D The Aquarium Solution and Sander

Upon entering Interzoo we headed towards the pavilion that brought together the largest number of aquarists stands. The Hall number 4, but to do so we had to move from 4A where we met the beautiful booth of Genesis.

Apart from the beautiful aquarium circular we saw, we hit the brand new filter EVO3 Titanium. Finally a great novelty in the aquarium. And after seeing him in Nuremberg, and after much reasoned over and saw how it works, and thanks to the advice of our friend Enzo, we can say that is a filter that works, and it works very well!

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

Trying to explain it in simple terms is nothing more than a rotating cylinder of titanium, from which the name, on which is wound a 5 microns filter sheets. The thin sheet come from one side, is traversed by water and then is collected on the other side. The titanium used for all mechanical parts, it was necessary to prevent corrosion due to salt water.

The system is an engineering masterpiece. The water filtered to 5 microns on the sheet and then back in the tank, but as the filter gets dirty it becomes less permeable, so the water level rises in the box until at some point the water overflows the sides and ends on wheel that spins like a windmill and force the sheet to advance. A mechanical system, but extremely well thought out.

The filter can treat 10,000 liters per hour, and using the kinetic energy does not consume electricity.

Unfortunately, we were informed that the price of 1,000 euros will stop most of us, and creates a target for this filter especially for large tanks and probably for public aquariums. A replacement for the filter, 100 meters long, it should cost only 25 euros, but we should also understand how much time our system will spent to consume 100 meters of 5 microns filter.

During the fair the Genesis put the filter in a tank full “dirty” which they have connected it to see how the filter would have made it crystal clear water, which has taken place on time. As you can see in the picture on the second day was almost crystal clear.

Just around the corner we found ourselves in front of the Deltec, or the pavilion D-D The Aquarium Solution.

Here it seems that we are watching a calcium reactor, while in truth we were attracted by the mechanism of automatic cleaning skimmers, a feature that I think almost indispensable today for what it can give us.

Sure with another cylinder over the glass the skimmer takes huge proportions and it looks like a Chinese pagoda. Nevertheless, the Deltec skimmers are very good and with automatic cleaning of the neck of the glass I would say very good also during the time.

Then there are also skimmers just a little more bigger… and certainly with much higher performance, although inserting this skimmer TC 6530 into a sump it will not be so easy!

Also in Hall 4A we walked in front of Sander booth

One of the usual oversized skimmer presumably only for public aquariums

And then the whole range of skimmers with a porous stone…

to be continued…

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