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Editorial: the Interzoo 2012 in Nuremberg


We returned from Interzoo, we are tired but happy, and comments about the show have made their way inside us. This time we were many, a good group, each with its own individuality and each with their own ideas in mind, yet we try to analyze what has been Interzoo for us.

The show, as always, attacks you with its magnificence, the pavilions are many, full of objects to see. We had two days, that sounds like a lot, but eventually they were few. At least I was not able to visit all the stands because I stopped to talk wherever I could, to better understand the products and the individual corporate philosophies.

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Who has not come, once again, has lost. Many famous brands in the aquarium were not present. I understand that the fair is a cost, I understand that in the Internet age may have less “interesting“, but personal contacts, the ability to physically meet companies, paraphrasing a well known advertising, is priceless. How can we have a good idea who did not come to the fair? Simple, we can not. How can we imagine a future for companies that were not there? Probably we can not.

Even the visitors, many on Friday, far fewer Saturday, and especially few Italians. Every year was a continuous meet with familiar and unfamiliar faces, and the Italian was one of the main languages ​​spoken in the halls of the fair and in the bars. This year we did not hear. A sign that something has actually changed profoundly. The crisis, maybe not directly, not through a relationship of cause and effect, but rather as a manifestation of the crisis. It seems the people there don’t come not because they can’t, but because it decreases the number of aquarists for many reasons including the crisis. The above can be applied to companies, but … if you have not come here, to me they are on the edge of the ravine. We hope to be wrong.

At this point the question you’re probably doing it … the news?

The big news in my opinion stems precisely from the above, products, companies have matured. This is the real news and not so much the incredible number of LEDs we have seen and touched. The maturation of the companies you read and you notice into the small things, into details. Mature products everywhere, unbelievable levels of customization, solutions designed for ease of use. The tanks have moved into the background, supplanted by the solutions to make them our own, personal, almost intimate.

And then there was a dead. It is definitely a product is dead or presumed dead with this show. The HQI no longer exist. No brand had the HQI at the fair, there were so much LEDs as we have said, there were lots of T5, but no HQI. After this fair you can only say this, solutions based on HQi by companies have been abandoned, shelved aside. Right? Wrong? Market trends? For me personally I think the way they all have to pass on from a product with little appeal, and most likely, with little markup, to the flagship product of the moment, LEDs, all people wants it, many do not even know because. I think that the HQI still have much to say, and much will be said in the coming years, this indication of the market, let us remember that it is still not an indication of users, it seems to me to retrace the footsteps of the abandonment of vinyl in the Music. Vinyl is now being rediscovered after years of increasingly passionate and that is the only medium of music to have the order of 2-digit increments. We’ll see.

Last note. Computers. You who read me from a long time, you know what I am viscerally tied to automation in the aquarium, I like, I think they’re almos essential and important for a mature aquarium. And it seems all have noticed it at Interzoo. Everyone had a computer, more or less complete, and all with solutions, perhaps even into phase of study, to connect to internet. All right. This makes me happy. Hoping that the prices in any case will go down. Today industrial automation is cheap, we hope to be translated into aquarium with affordable cost by anyone.

The live? Unfortunately, nothing really worth mentioning apart from the usual nice thank of De Jong, although less wonderful than seen in other exhibitions, and the usual beautiful tank from Korallen Zucht. Beyond this very little else. Too bad.

This is it. Please see the following articles dealing in everything we saw.

Danilo Ronchi

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