Coral finder: a new way to identify corals!

Coral Finder is a new tool to quickly identify corals, in practice it’s like a “pocket” version of  the famous “Corals of the worls” by J.E.N. Veron, but presented in a simple way and perfect to identify every coral.

The 7 kg of 3 books “Corals of the World” condensed into just 35 pages… they’re obviously two different products, but the Coral Finder is proposed more as an operational tool, directed not only to us hobbyists, but also for divers, since it is plastic and it’s possible also purchased as accessory even a magnifying glass suitable for use under water.

Amtra abbatti i consumi
In practice, the corals are not in alphabetical order, as we usually see in classic books, including the “Veron” for esample, but from simple cards that start from the forms of corallites and their size, then you get by  refinement the exact taxonomy of the coral.

To learn how to use this tool they’re are even prepared some workshops and a DVD! This is to ensure that everyone can use it well and can therefore easily categorize all types of coral, from our beautiful aquariums or from the reef.

It’s also been created the Coral Hub site, which complements the Coral Finder with the book “Corals of the world” and with all the tools designed to find the right taxonomy of corals.

The Indo Pacific Coral Finder can be purchased from the site Byo Guides, at a cost of about € 50 plus shipping from Australia, all in all it’s not even a lot …

You can see how to use it, during diving, in this beautiful video, available also in HD (and it’s worth it!)

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