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Zoomark 2011: Sicce and LGMAquari


We continue our tour to discover the Zoomark going to the joint booth SicceLGMAquari, where Geppy Apuleo, deus ex machina of the brand LGMAquari, was waiting for us.

From left to right: Geppy, AndreaNegu, Giuseppe, Wurdy, Lumaz and Abracadabra.

Amtra offerte per acquario
The news presented from LGMAquari have been countless.

First of all, the true Neapolitan coffee offered to all, as always:)

The new zeolite reactors, now in white dress

As you can see are powered by a small Sicce pump, 1.5 Syncra, inserted as usual under the reactor, while it is in plain sight the “pinch” for shaking the zeolite.

But more interesting is the presentation of the new fluidized bed filter, which will shortly be presented in white too.

It’s easy to imagine that, although the pump is placed under the filter, it does not drain directly into the cylinder but double-crosses a pipe that prevents the media entering inside the pump in case of stopping the pump itself, and in this way avoiding the use of blue filters that can easily become clogged and are unable to guarantee a perfect seal.

As you can see in the picture below it

This is a simple slide valve that is inserted into the PVC pipe inside.

Also new is the phytoplankton reactor

and full view of skimmers and calcium reactors, like we have said, from some time they use Sicce pumps with extreme satisfaction.

Finally, a wonderful gem … was in fact presented the first prototype LGMAquari skimmer hangs on, which is proposed to go into direct competition with the excellent Deltec MCE.

Made entirely from PVC and Acrylic, adopts many solutions that should lead to one of the best skimmers hang on around. And in fact it has soft feet, as shown in the photo above, to avoid giving even the slightest vibration to the aquarium glass and the internal pump is practically suspended, to avoid the occurrence of unwanted vibrations , as can be seen in front view

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It ‘s definitely worth that can create turbulence in the small column of contact. We look forward to finally see it on the market and to hear the first comments.

We close with the usual view of all calcium reactors

One of which, among other things, has a complete review right on the virtual pages of DaniReef: Calcium Reactor LGMAquari LGr701 SP

From left: AndreaNegu, Wojciech, DaniReef and the Geppy’s shoulders

In the same stand there was one of the few marine aquariums of the entire Zoomark

No big deal I admit… but probably the best that the whole Zoomark has been able to offer, so we have to thanks Sicce and LGMAquari, as well as Coral Aquarium of Bologna for setting up.

Sicce has to bring in to shows all her gorgeous pumps, but has submitted a new controller for a couple of pumps: the Wave Surfer, with the possibility to choose the time each pump is on from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, and the button for the administration of food and the quiet night, all programmable, and the ability to set intervals for each different operating pump.

The Sicce has also chosen this year to join the fierce competition of the filter material and integration for aquariums, featuring many new products including HyperBakto, biological activator capsules, and AkuaClean, combination of zeolite and resin, this product is certainly interesting because in a single product you have several effect that can be extremely useful in the aquarium, without the need of having to buy separately. Then also HyperZeo zeolite-based, Zerophos resin-based phospate free, HyperCarbo a new activated carbon and ZeroNitra specific resins for the removal of nitrates in the aquarium.

And of course a whole series of products designed specifically for freshwater aquariums: HyperFerro, HyperBio, HyperFlora, a complete and suitable line for all needs.

Finally, a photograph of the whole stand




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