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Zoomark 2011: Aquamedic and PlanctonTech


Our tour inside the Zoomark, or better inside Hall 19, started at the stand of ReefInternational where there were two major brands, Aquamedic that doesn’t need any introduction and PlanctonTech, a young italian company that sell live feed on the market with high quality fittings and amazingly accurate details.

Above I look at the new proposals of MiniReef from Aquamedic.

Amtra sconto 20%
After the innovation of the Elos System Mini, almost all the builders on the market have their proposals for complete system of mini Aquarium, Aquamedic presented these beautiful tank, that are quite special because they have not sump, but the technical part is contained in the back of the aquarium itself, divided by a front glass polished and shaped. It’s a solution could certainly be interesting and without the complication of the sump, but it needs more space.

Here below we see a detail of the technical back, with the blue skimmer like the new course of Aquamedic.

Then Aquamedic presented a new biological filter based on compartments and above all a new calcium reactor, which is extremely compact and divided into three parts, to prevent the compactness of the media and without the water could be reach some preferential pathways.

The biological filter

The new calcium reactor

And finally there was also a phytoplankton reactor, probably due to the fact that there was some fresh phytoplankton available of high quality thanks to PlanctonTech

And now we look at PlanctonTech

As we just wrote, is a young italian company that aims to put in the market natural live food for marine aquarium, this product has also achieved certification. The owner is Roberto Ferri that is possible to heard heard around Italy meeting in interesting lectures on phytoplankton and zooplankton, and he has a preparation technique that is definitely second to none.

In addition to the phytoplankton and zooplankton, which we will discuss in the next few days, at the Zoomark PlanctonTech unveiled its new display

In which we can see the phytoplankton

The new FitoDose, the best way of maintaining and dosage phytoplankton in the aquarium

And last but not least the fully PlanctonDose necessary for the maintenance of zooplankton and phytoplankton and administration both in the aquarium, which with a little effort can keep alive through the use of phyto-zooplankton, and then deals with dosage in aquarium, providing an optimal supply of live food directly to the corals.




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