The new magnets Tunze Trasformer Care Magnet 220.010 and 220.015 – Preview

Tunze Care Magnet 220.015 calamita puliscivetro

The brand new magnets from Tunze, the Tunze 220.010 and 220.015 are absolutely gorgeous, and with a transformer soul inside!.

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We have met these new magnets during the Interzoo fair in Nuremberg this year, and finally we have them here with us to write an in depth review.

We have two magnets here. The smallest Tunze Care Magnet 220.010 and the bigger Tunze Care Magnet 220.015.

There are so many peculiarities inside these magnets, from plastic blade, that can’t scratch the glass, to the double blade sold with the model 220.015, one longer and one shorter to achieve a different pressure on glass and so a very different result, the magnet is kept 3 mm from the glass to avoid scratch in the glass we want to clean.

And it’s not enough, in the bigger model, the 220.015 there is also a metallic blade, very similar to the easy blade one, that we can mount if we need it, and the possibility to use the magnet as a simple glass clean blade. So many useful ways to use them.

Tunze Care Magnet 220.010 calamita puliscivetro

The Tunze says the thickness is incredible, and so we can clean inside aquarium without breaking anything. The difference with the old Power Magnet is incredible. But we have to say that there are also some magnets smaller than these, for example the very beautiful magnet from Vertex (here some shoots).

Tunze Care Magnet 220.015 calamita puliscivetro

The new Care Magnet are built in a very incredible way, if we have to say something, we don’t like so much the small circular felt, yes they fulfill their duty, but they’re just a little bit ugly.

We have begun to use in our aquarium, and, hey, we like so much! Only they can’t float, so we, and you, have to pay attention to not drop them. But maybe the floating version would been asking too much to Tunze.