Interzoo 2014: the Blau aquaristic booth with Lumina Led – Hybrid and Xcuma skimmers


The Blau aquaristic booth was a big surprise thanks to the many products presented. From skimmers to ceiling lights, from aquaria to DC pumps. but let’s take a look in details.

(italian version of this article here)

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The Blau aquaristic is a spanish company, based in Barcelona, and it’s now well known thanks to its great products and the presence in all the important fairs in the world, like Interzoo.

We remember it, for example, in the article dedicated to Interzoo 2012 where Blau aquaristic presented a very interesting booth full of new products, as you can read here: the Blau aquaristic booth during Interzoo 2012, but this year Blau has increased the exposition space and the number of new products.

The core business of the company is focused on skimmers and ceiling lights. In Italy the T5 Blau ceiling lights was been one of the most chosen lights until some years ago, before the LED increasing market.

Today, the products presented by the company offer a wide coverage of aquarium needs, as we can see in the wall of products we meet at the entrance of the boot.


We start speaking about the new ceiling lights presented during the fair, that in the wall we can see in the top left, the Blau Lumina LED and the updated Hybrid.


Here we have the  Blau Lumina hybrid with 4 T5, every T5 with its unique reflector, the Led lens have 60° angle and are removable by the owner. There are 4 versions with a minimum of 48 watt of led until a maximum of 120 watt, with a power consumption variable between 144 and 440 watt.


The lighting can be controlled by three modes. Manually, with aquarium controller and with personal computer. Blau aquaristic emphasizes the very low noise of the new ceilings, Lumina Led and Hybrid, thanks to accurate studying of the active cooling section.

The big change in the Lumina Led is the new Led modules, that the owner can swap between different compositions, like Marine, FreshWater, Planted Aquarium and Special Reef.


The Xcuma skimmers have now a new name, re-created to simplify the knowing of caracteristic of skimmers directly from the name. For example the new Xcuma 2060 is about 20 cm of diameter, the first two digits, and an overall height of 60, the last two digits.


The pump is brand new one, with much lesser power consumption of the last models, so Blau aquaristic claims that it’s now possible to drive a 2.500 liters aquarium with only 25 watt of power consumption thanks to the new Xcuma 2560.


Here we have the two new smallest Blau aquaristic Xcuma, the 1556 and the 2060. The first with 800 l/h of air treatment and 18 watt of power consumption, the second with 1200 l/h of air and 22 watt of consumption.


Also here we have seen the DC pumps.