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ReefDelete, PARwise and Spectra from ITC ReefCulture’s booth at Interzoo 2022


We heard a lot about ReefDelete and we were looking forward to finally touch it! Also we found out a couple of incredible devices for the reading of the light. All of this at ITC ReefCulture‘s booth at the Interzoo 2022.

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ITC ReefCulture is a new company that assisted Seneye in the building of tools and technologies for aquaristics and more. We talked a lot about Seneye in the past and we did in-depth reviews about its devices. But now with ITC ReefCulture the products reached an even higher level. We’ve been welcomed by Matt Stevenson and Luca Calore at the booth, ready to show us some new products.

In the last period we heard a lot about ReefDelete, a device that through concentrated UV rays can burn every harmful organism in aquarium. But let’s go step by step and let’s begin with our video.

ITC ReefCulture’s booth at the Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before you go on, we leave you to our video so that you can see the booth not only in picture. Clicking on the link you’ll be directly sent to the part about ITC ReefCulture, but you can also watch the rest. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

ITC ReefCulture ReefDelete

The ReefDelete is an orginal device that eliminates unwanted organisms without affecting the aquarium chemistry or accidentally damanging the hosts of the aquarium, as long as it doesn’t hit them, and this happens thanks to its power and punctual UV-C (germicidal ultraviolet radiation) ray. This radiation doesn’t “attack” the target but it acts at the cellular and genetic level that, unlike the laser, doesn’t have reflections. The “targets” we’re referring to are Aiptasia, also cyanobacteria, unwanted algae and other pests.

ReefDelete in mostra allo stand ITC ReefCulture a Interzoo 2022
ReefDelete on show at ITC ReefCulture’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

Reef Delete uses a patented technology combined to a ultra-focused UV-C light source of class 3, designed to “destroy” efficiently the DNA inside the unwanted organisms. This process leads to the death and natural composition of the organism. Everything you need is one daily exposition, more or less long, to cause devastating damage to the cells of the targeted organisms.

And all without using chemical products or accidentally damaging the other hosts of the aquarium. And, unlike chemical products, it’s not possible to overdose Reef Delete. The longer lasts the exposition, the faster the organisms will decompose. And it can be done on every organism you want and without the fear to alterate the water chemicals.

The idea alone is very intriguing, so we asked for a ReefDelete to bring home. We’re so excited! We already started to use it and it’s SPECTACULAR. So wait for a review once we’re finished with the articles about the Interzoo!

PARwise and Spectra: understand and measure the light in aquarium

The news by ITC ReefCulture aren’t finished. They presented two new products: PARwise and Spectra, both very interesting. ITC ReefCulture PARwise is the simpler of the two, even if externally they seem indistinguishable. The difference is in what they do.

PARwise is very easy to use, and it’s relatively cheap: about 200 euro. It’s completely submersible and it report the PAR value and the characterization of the light spectrum, even if made by discretization of a series of detected points, and the approximation of color temperature in Kelvin degrees. It’s also interesting the idea that the PARwise can measure the daily light integral, called DLI, that is the quantity of energy that the corals will receive during a whole day.

The difference between PARwise and Seneye Reef it’s the same between PARwise and Spectra. Spectra is a professional device that measures everything we want about the light no more in a dicrete, but punctual way.

We’re talking about a Nanospectrometer that goes from 400 nanometers to 730 nanometers with 1 nanometer of resolution and it’s completely submersible as the other models. It creates a graph of the spectrum that shows the curve of lighting spectrum response, to which you can associate also the PUR curve, that is the part of PAR that are actually usable by symbiotic algae. It obviously can provide a perfect, measured and non-derivative chart in Kelvin degrees.

It’s enough to connect it to a device and you can see the behavior in aquarium. A pure spectacle.

We’re so looking forward to have the PARwise and the Spectra to see their performances and to understand if the 800 euro of the Spectra against the 200 of the PARwise mean something decisive for our hobby. Without any doubt Spectra‘s characteristics are amazing, and maybe the price is even too low for what it promises. We’re so excited at the idea to have this devices in our hands!


For further informations about ITC ReefCulture and their products we leave you their official website, even thought for now it’s all about ReefDelete. We also invite you to read our Editorial on the exhibition, also to check out the articles of the booths we visited that we’re releasing day by day, or to watch our videodocumentary about this edition of the Interzoo 2022.

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