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The brand new aquariums and many other news at Amtra – Nuremberg Interzoo 2022


Amtra continues its own renewal also at the Interzoo 2022, starting from the most visible features that have an impact on the reputation of a brand: aquariums.

Amtra sconto 20%

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For those who don’t know Amtra, know that it’s part of the bigger giant Croci, of which it represents the aquatics part. By the way, Croci also became part of the investiment group Mandarin Capital Partners. But Amtra started the real renewal back in the far 2017, when they relied on Davide Robustelli to follow the aquatics part… and the difference was immediately visible! And even after two years of pandemic, the renewal continues with many products.

The new aquariums

If though designs and finishes aren’t definitive, Amtra cared to show the world its brand new aquariums. They tried to get distances from the stereotyped aquariums in glass and plastic and trying to make them objects of decor. Besides, this vision was relized at Milan’s Fuori salone where two aquariums have been set up contextualized with the living.

But coming back to the Interzoo, there where many aquariums, all freshwater (unluckily), but different from each other. So their character really emerged, and the object itself proved to be design forniture and not only a mere container.

Technically, the cabinet has an aluminum signature which, in addition to carrying out a structural function, incorporates the doors of the aquarium. The colors available are different, but other possibilities will come in the future, as confirmed by Davide Robustelli.

Our video about Amtra at the Interzoo 2022

Before you proceed in the reading we suggest to watch our video, so that you can directly see the aquariums we’re speaking of. Further in the article you will find some pictures anyway, but if you want take a look and let us now what you think about the video. The link will send you directly at Amtra‘s part, but you can also choose a different part and a different booth from the links in the description. It’s in italilan, but you can turn the Eng subs on.

Here are some photographs of the fish and some details of the aquariums we took at Amtra‘s.

The new external filter by Amtra

As I said Amtra is working to improve its products and the this filter is the best example of its efforts. The managing of the water temperature is enriched by a display that shows the temperature without other external tools. It’s really well done, also if it doesn’t seem something of primary importance.

External filter by AMTRA

Obviously all the aquariums at the exhibition were managed by the new filter. We should test it to understand everything, but we can already say that we liked it very much.

The new high quality feeds

Amtra has also great dry feeds in its catalog, we reviewed some of them here on DaniReef. But at the exhibition Davide showed us new enriched feeds for fish. The formulation isn’t yet final, because they’re still testing their efficiency. But they assured their clients that soon will come a real revolution.

They’re all pellet feeds, which are the best to feed the fish, because they’re made at low temperature. If you want to deepen the processes behind fish feeds try our article here.

Dry feeds by Amtra

The app for the managing of LED lamps

Amtra updated the LED ceiling lights including a wifi system controlled by the App. In this way all the settings can be chosen through the app. A very welocomed update.

Amtra Clean ProCult

And it certainly couldn’t be missed at the booth the new clean procult, the bacteria made by Amtra.

Amtra Clean Procult are a new kind of living bacteria that starts or streghtens the azote cycle in the aquarium. Essentially, Amtra Clean Pro Cult is a mix of living bacteria of high quality inserted in a watery solution where there’s the sediment MK19. It’s a natural mineral sediment that has two functions one as substratum for the bacteria, in which they live, and it also helps to combine fast organic and inorganic substances so that they flocculate and the water returns transparent again in a few hours.

And lastly fresh and frozen feeds: a safety for our fish

Among these fantastic news from Amtra the excellence are surely the fresh and frozen feeds. Great quality feeds! I appreciate the most the living ones: it’s fantastic to be administered in aquarium, and it’s very difficult to be found in other ways.


For further informations on AMTRA products we direct you to their official site. We invite you also to read our Editorial on the exhibition, from which you can consult the other articles we wrote dedicated to each booth we visited at the Interzoo. They’re growing day by day, so chek it out! We also suggest our videodocumentary on this edition of the Interzoo 2022 (if you do, turn the Eng subs on!).

DaniReef with Davide Robustelli at AMTRA’s
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