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The brand new ceiling light Reef Flare S in our DaniReef LAB

La nuovissima plafoniera Reef Flare S nel DaniReef LAB

We introduced these lamps some time ago and we were very curious to know them better, so we welcomed with interest the offer of the new italian distributor. We finally could test in our DaniReef LAB the small ceiling light of the series, the Reef Flare S.

Amtra offerte per acquario

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Reef Factory is a company born in 2017 from the cooperation of Marek Protasewicz and Jaroslaw Wojczakowski, two aquarists with a great experience in aquaristic and technology. They decided to design smart and technologically advanced devices for aquaristics. Reef Factory announced their Reef Flare lamps last January 29th, but due to the Corona virus they had some delays, understandably.

The ceiling light has a square shape and is rather small even if thick. It has a single cluster configuration and for this it competes with Aqamai LRS (article) and Cetus 2 (article), to quote some ceiling lights we’ve already tested in our DaniReef LAB.

Technical characteristics of the Reef Flare S

The LED are of 7 different colorations and are divided in 7 channels. In total there are 16 LED in the cluster. The LED are Cree e SemiLed, a great choice, and they’re divided in this way:

  • 1 UV – SemiLED 400 nm – Channel 1
  • 1 Purple – SemiLED 415nm – Channel 2
  • 4 Blue (indigo) – Cree XP-E2 – Channel 3
  • 4 Royal Blue – Cree XT-E – Channel 4
  • 1 Green – Cree XP-E2 – Channel 5
  • 1 Deep Red – Cree – Channel 6
  • 4 Cool White – Cree XP-G – Channel 7

Declared power: 55 w

Dimensions: 16x16x3,5(h) cm

Selling price: 300 euro vat included

La nuovissima plafoniera Reef Flare S nel DaniReef LAB


The Reef Flare S is very well build, the external shell seems to be in lucid polycarbonate. The fingerprints will be more visible, but if clean it makes a great impression even switched off. It stands out the big heatsink helped by a vent. For this ceiling light the heat will never be a problem, but through the app you can always check the temperatured measured on the ceiling light, something very useful and interesting.

La nuovissima plafoniera Reef Flare S nel DaniReef LAB

The Programming

The ceiling light can be adjusted through its own app for Apple or Android and uses the wifi network of the ceiling light itself. I have to say that it’s fast and stable. The app works really well and it’s very easy to use.

La nuovissima plafoniera Reef Flare S nel DaniReef LAB

Here above there’s the command for the cruve creation, you can add and remove points, and for each point you can choose the intensity for each LED. All very easy and intuitive. Then you can have the ceiling light do a quick simulation of the curve you created.

La nuovissima plafoniera Reef Flare S nel DaniReef LAB

Here above there’re the manual sliders, the consumption (in line with what we’ve measured, while on the box are only reported 54 watts) and the temperature.

The LED for channel

Our video about Reef Flare S

If you want to see in live and know more about our DaniReef LAB we leave you to the following video.

All the values we measured and our working method DaniReef LAB are on page two.

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