Silicate EX, the new anti-silicates resin by Colombo

Silicate EX la nuova resina antisilicati dell'Olandese Colombo

Silicates in aquarium are among the main causes of the growth of siliceous algae and some strains of dinoflagellates.

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Colombo has recently inserted among its products Silicate EX, an anti-silicates resin that removes silicates from the aquariums. Some weeks ago we previewed, from the same batch, the anti-silicates test kit, necessary before choosing to insert the resins.

We’ll always repeat this: before using any type of remedy, you should verify the entity of the proble. You should never use resins, like this one, without measuring the water values first. So do a good use of valid tests before any resin.

These resins Colombo Antisilicate EX are specifically studied for their use in aquarium. They’re white small raw pellets. The value of silicates in aquarium can be tolerated between 0,50 and 3 ppm, but if you already have brown algae or dinoflagellates it would be better to keep the value to 0 in order to contrast their growth.

Silicate EX la nuova resina antisilicati dell'Olandese Colombo - macro

When you use these resins Colombo Antisilicate EX you have to remember that they also attack phosphates, so if you have an high value of phosphates in aquarium the resin will revome them first. A technical waste indeed, because the silicates won’t decrease; but the anti-phosphate resins are cheaper, so it’s better to eliminate the phosphates first and then the silicates.

The resins can be used in a classic sack placed where there’s a strong flow or a fluid bed, but you have to be careful that they don’t rub against each other, because it leads to wear and dust in the aquarium.

The anti-silicates resins are available in two formats, a package of 500 ml (to which these pictures refer) and one of 1000 ml and they cost 24 and 40,50 euro. You see immediately that the 1000 ml package is much more convenient than the other, with 40,50 euro per liter against 48.

What do you think? Have you ever used resins in your aquarium?

Silicate EX la nuova resina antisilicati dell'Olandese Colombo
Test dei silicati e resine antisilicati a confronto
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