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Philips CoralCare 2018: PAR measured thanks to new DaniReef method


How to value these numbers in aquarium?

This is a good question. At first we thought that we could transport these values to the aquarium tout-court. Than we filled the aquarium, insert the probe and redone the measurements. We fazed, but we’re going to talk about this in another article. Basically, while at 20 cm the result is practically the same, as we progressed, thanks to the glass reflecting the light and the same water, we found values bigger than the values measured in air. Obviously this isn’t a detail that can be standardized, so we think that our method of calculation is the most correct, and the best for the comparison of different ceiling lights.


The measurement of the consumption was made possible thanks to the useful device RCE PM600 that can also measure the Cos(fi) (or power factor). The result is already given in watt.

Philips CoralCare consumo

The calculus of the absorbed current, that is the power, is the following one:

Ceiling lights Philips CoralCare: 190,50 watt. Considering that at 17 cm the ceiling light has at the middle 2.088 μmol m-2 s-1, we can guess that it will have a peak value of 10,96 μmol m-2 s-1 w-1 (PAR per watt). The same value of the declared one of 190 w.

The cos(fi) is the same of the declared one. that is 0,98.

Philips CoralCare sfasamento

Maintaining Costs

The Philips CoralCare costs 749 euro.

The absorbed power is 190,5 watt, so the relationship cost/watt is about  3,93 euro per each watt. One of the best value we have ever measured until today.

The comparison with the other ceiling lights on the market

Recently we started to use the new Quantum Meter MQ-510 di Apogee. For this we can’t completely compare the data of other ceiling lights because before we used the probe Seneye. Sure the CoralCare is the first ceiling light to which we applied this method, so we will add many new comparisons in the next weeks. Actually, we have already measured the values of the Cetus 2 (italian preview), of the Aqamai LRM and LRS. In addiction, we have to think about the CoralCare as ceiling lights with diffused light, like the Orphek Atlantik V4 (test), that we will soon test again with the new method, the GNC 466 (review) and partially with the Maxspect Ethereal. The Orphek registered 1.515 PAR, the GNC 696 PAR while the Ethereal 689 PAR.

Remember that the PAR measurements have been done at 20 cm of distance in air (17 cm more or less of real distance)

Ceiling lightPARWattPrice PAR/watteuro per watt
 GNC 466 696 (Seneye) 120 1.400 euro 5,8 spread 11,7
Orphek Atlantik V4 1.515 (Apogee) 226 1.099 euro 6,7 spread  4,9
Philips CoralCare 2018 2.088 (Apogee) 190 749 euro 11 spread  3,9
Maxspect Ethereal 689 (Seneye) 130 500 euro 5,3 semi spread  3,8
Led bars Askoll Pure Marine 237 (Apogee) 28 n.d. 8,4
Zetlight UFO ZE-8000 791 (Seneye) 91,5 500 euro 8,6 cluster 5,5
Aqamai LRM 1.088 (Seneye) 87,5 465 euro 12,4 double cluster 5,2
Philips CoralCare modello 2019 bianche

Practically, device in hand, the Philips CoralCare 2018 registered the higher value ever seen until now. The best PAR per watt value registered with the Apogee. And they’re second as global PAR per watt value. Speaking of price they’re still the best, second only to the Maxspect Ethereal.

Anyhow, the values compared with the data measured by the Seneye shouldn’t be so truthful, because they’re two different tools, one of which professional. The optimal covering, according to us, for very demanding corals SPS, it’s an area of 70×70 cm.

Il controller Philips per la plafoniera CoralCare può pilotare fino a quattro plafoniere e lavora con interfaccia 0-10V.
The Philips controller for the CoralCare ceiling light can control up to four ceiling lights and works with a 0-10V interface.

Maintaining costs

The ceiling lights Philips CoralCare cost 749 dollars.

The absorbed power is 190 watt, so a relationship cost/watt of about 3,9 euro per each watt. In order to make a comparison with the orher ceiling lights you can refer to this chart:

Ceiling lightPriceConsumptionRelationship euro per watt
Philips Coralcare 2018749 euro190 watt3,9 euro per watt.
Maxspect Ethereal500 euro126 watt4,0 euro per wattTest (italian)
Radion XR30w G2 PRO
790 euro170 watt4,7 euro per wattItalian review
Radion XR30w G4 PRO915 euro190 watt4,8 euro per wattItalian article
OceanLed Sunrise 600870 euro180 watt4,8 euro per wattItalian test
Orphek Atlantik V41099 euro226 watt4,9 euro per wattTest
Radion XR30w G2690 euro140 watt4,9 euro per wattItalian review
Radion XR30w G4760 euro150 watt5,1 euro per wattItalian article
Aqamai LRM
465 euro87,5 watt5,2 euro per wattTest
Zetlight UFO ZE-8000500 euro91,5 watt5,5 euro per wattTest
CEAB Slide & Led2.700 euro275 watt9,8 euro per wattReview
Sicce GNC 4661.592 euro120 watt13,3 euro per wattItalian review


The ceiling light is very well built, sure it’s not so beautiful, the covering is almost perfect, and the application is very simple. The PAR are perfect for every coral at least until an area of 60×60 cm, but the covering can easily reach 80×80 cm. But what really is priceless are the supply inserted in the shell and the absence of vents. The cost per watt is the best among the measured ones and the PAR expressed are impressive. What else do you need?

Questions and comments, as always, are welcomed. And most of all, do you like our new measuring method?

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