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Aqamai LRM – the review of the new Italian ceiling light


Aqamai LRM - il test sulla nuova plafoniera italianaIt was for a long time that we’ve been curious to know the performances of the new italian ceiling light Aqamai LRM, and I have to say this little italian ceiling light really impressed us, at least for what concerns the instrumental data.

Amtra offerte per acquario

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The ceiling light is very thin and we’ve received it in black livery with a white stripe surrounding it. It’s not an usual choice for a ceiling light. It follows the American trend and it has a double power cluster.

Technical characteristics of the Aqamai LRM

It has 8 leds with different colorations and divided in 6 channels. So we have 15 led per cluster. The “cool white” leds are very interesting, they’re 6 Nichia NVSW219C of CRI > 70 and 180 lumen/watt, a very high value.

There is even a couple of  UV led by SemiLEDs of 405 nm, 4 Indigo SemiLEDs of 415 nm, 6 Royal Blue Nichia NCSC219BT (very beautiful), 6 Blue Nichia NCSB219BT, 2 Green Nichia NCSG219BT, 2 Red-A Nichia NCSR219BT and finally 2 Red-B OSRAM Oslon SSL.

  • Potenza: 100 w
  • Dimensioni: 36x16x2(h) cm
  • Prezzo di vendita: 465 euro vat included

Unluckily in the package is available just the hanging to the ceiling and not the tank support.

Aqamai LRM - il cluster centrale


The Aqamai LRM is well constructed. The design has been planned in order to have an extremely thin ceiling light, 2 cm at least, that’s why it’s offered with two vent for the cooling down. The lighting is up to a couple of cluster. So everything make this ceiling light similar to the planning of the American Radion and AquaIllumination.

Aqamai LRM - la scocca superiore


The ceiling light can be ordered with a wireless app available for Apple or Android. You won’t need anything else, just connect the plug and it will create its own wifi network. It’s a comfortable solution, but it penalizes who doesn’t have these two systems. Anyway the app works very well and it’s very easy to be used.

Aqamai LRM - i canali al 100%

Here above you can see the the manual command as it appears on iPad, where the two lateral sliders represent the provided power, and the two circular selectors the color gradation. Next time we will do an article with a deepening about the use of the app and how to use the ceiling light. Now we’ll see in the next page our tests.

All the detected values of the Aqamai LRM on page two

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