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Orphek Atlantik V4: our test with PAR measurement


Orphek Atlantik V4: la plafoniera con tutti i led accesi

We have heard very good things about the Orphek Atlantik V4 and we had the occasion to test one bought by our firend Jonathan, who bought 4 for his beautiful aquarium.

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The ceiling light really impressed us, at least on the base of its instrumental data. The Orphek Atalntik V4  is a very solid ceiling light, that is characterised by the use of led of 5 watt but is steered by less than 3, and a big acrylic sheet that divides the led and the aquarium. Thanks to the fact that they are steered by low current the LED will last longer. The ceiling light can be compared to a diffused ceiling light, following the example of the Philips Coralcare (test) and the GNC Bluray (article). Differently from these ceiling lights, the use of little powerful led gives to the Atlantik the possibility to have a a little reflection.

Technical characteristics of the Orphek Atlantik V4

The led are of 16 different colorations and subdivided in 4 channels. We’re talking about a total of 78 high efficiency led dual chip. The led in the infrared spectrum are particularly interesting, not visible to the necked eye, but they seem to be very appreciated by the corals.

But let’s have a look at the declared chracteristics in detail:

  • 78 high efficiency led of 5w dual-chip, total 156 chip;
  • 16 different led types;
  • 4 channel groups for the led control;
  • Wide spectrum from 380nm to 850nm;
  • Wireless technologies for android, iOS, wifi, WLAN, WPA, WPA2, PSK;
  • No-vent supply thanks to the high efficiency;
  • Eight preinstalled programs;
  • Complete obscuration capacity in every channel;
  • Wide memory with possibility of other programs;
  • Possibility to set many Atlantik ceiling lights at the same time;
  • Two lent versions: large and convex; tight anf deep.
  • Weight: 7,6 kg
  • Length: 61,5 cm
  • Width: 23,8 cm
  • Height: 5,36 cm
  • Consumption: 220 ~ 235  watt

We really appreciated the possibility to have a cooling vent on the side grill that sucks the air and blows it upside, avoiding to put in the ceiling light air with moisture coming from the aquarium, like other ceiling lights that suck the air from below the ceiling light itself.

Particolare di un singolo led della plafoniera Orphek Atlantik V4
Detail of a led of the ceiling light Orphek Atlantik V4


The Orphek Atlantik V4 is very well built and even though its design isn’t very sought it’s very practical and easy to disassemble. The design, infact, is extremely functional, we have already talked about the vents, but the construction is voted to simplicity and modularity.

Orphek Atlantik V4: vista laterale

Here below we can appreciate the arranging of the 4 central vents.

A very good work on this sheet of black and lucid PVC.

Orphek Atlantik V4: le ventole superioriIt won’t be easy to keep this material clean… even in out picture you can see how the dust stands out.

The power supply is an excellent Mean Well.

The ceiling light has to be set and ordered through a wireless application to download on every Apple or Android device. You connect the plug, turn on the ceiling light and connect through its application.

Orphek Atlantik V4: il pannello di controllo dell'applicazione

The app is very simple. In the main manu you have three buttons: program, setting, and quick, that allows to play directly with the ceiling light.

Orphek Atlantik V4: la programmazione

Here below you can se the programming. For each of the four channels you can set the time of switch, duration and the usage percentage.

Orphek Atlantik V4: la programmazione veloce

Here you can see the quick modality, that allows to command every single channel quickly. We have to admit that the application is very light, and it  Dobbiamo riconoscere che l’applicazione è particolarmente leggera, and responds very quickly to solicitations.

All the values measured of the Orphek Atlantik V4 on page two

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