H.V. Innovation’s T5 induction lamps of 18.000°K and 80 watt: PAR and Consumption

Plafoniera ad induzione H.V. Innovation Blue da 18.000°K e 80 watt

We introduced the new induction lamps by H.V. Innovation in the early December, and then we managed to have a sample in our hands, ready to be tested.

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As you can see, the ceiling light is very strange. It’s made by a T5 pipe, and a Lumenarc reflector. The Lumenarc reminds us of the HQi, when it was the best reflector for its covering. Indeed, the ceiling light H.V. Innovation can be sold with the Lumenarc that you can see in these pictures, or otherwise completely nacked, with the reflector at the expense of the buyer.

Technical characteristics of the H.V. Innovation Blue of 18.000°K and 80 watt

We haven’t many technical characteristics available, we know that this is the Blue lamp with color temperature about 18.000°K. The consumption is 80 watt.

Actually there isn’t dimming, but the producer assures it’s going to arrive soon. It works only with a turn on-off button, easily timer-able. We remind you that this lamp reaches and exceeds  the limits of gas discharge neon technology. Where the T5 has a limited duration, around the 2/3.000 hours (realistically closer to 1.800 hours) before having a remarkable decay, the H.V. Innovation, thanks to the peculiar induction system, they can reach 30/50.000 hours.

Plafoniera ad induzione H.V. Innovation Blue da 18.000°K e 80 watt

You can understand that if, as many people say, the T5 are the best lamps for the growth of certain species of corals, so having a technology that preserves the light for, for example,  10-15 years, it may be very interesting.

Plafoniera ad induzione H.V. Innovation Blue da 18.000°K e 80 watt

As you well know the T5 hasn’t a point light, and so as well the neon pipes, but it originates from a photon discharge inside the bulb. But the H.V. Innovation doesn’t suffer the flickering effect as the t5 does. Considering this aspect it behaves like the LED.

Plafoniera ad induzione H.V. Innovation Blue da 18.000°K e 80 watt

Taking a picture of the ceiling light with the flash, the emitted light is “burnt” and seems white while it isn’t

Technically speaking the lamp can reach 45 degrees, but already from 15 cm of distance the temperature is naturally dissipated without additional fans. Another aspect not to be underestimated is that the lamps don’t need maintenance, they only have to be cleaned on the surface with a wet cloth.


The H.V. Innovation lamp that we see in these pages, has an original Lumenarc reflector. It’s the best you can choose for a perfect covering until 80×80 cm. As it has been for the HQi.


All the measured values of the H.V. Innovation of 18.000°K and 80 watt on page two