Orphek Atlantik V4: our test with PAR measurement

The comparison with other ceiling lights on sale

Recently, we begin to use the new Quantum Meter MQ-510 di Apogee. So the data in comparison between ceiling lights aren’t totally comparable because we were used to use the probe Seneye. Moreover, we have to consider the Orphek with ceiling lights of diffused light like the Philips CoralCare (test), the GNC 466 (italian review) and partially the Maxspect Ethereal. The Philips registered 1.496 PAR, the GNC 696 PAR while the Ethereal 689 PAR.

Remember that we did the PAR measurements from 20 cm in air.

Ceiling light PAR Watt Price  PAR/watt euro per watt
 GNC 466  696 (Seneye)  120  1.400 euro  5,8 diffused  11,7
 Orphek Atlantik V4  1.515 (Apogee)  226  1.099 euro  6,7 diffused  4,9
 Philips CoralCare  1.496 (Seneye)  190  749 euro  7,8 diffused  3,9
 Maxspect Ethereal  689 (Seneye)  130  500 euro  5,3 semi diffused  3,8
 Led bar Askoll Pure Marine  237 (Apogee)  28  n.d.  8,4  
 Zetlight UFO ZE-8000
 791 (Seneye)  91,5  500 euro  8,6 cluster  5,5
 Aqamai LRM
 1.088 (Seneye)  87,5  465 euro  12,4 double cluster  5,2


Orphek Atlantik V4: la plafoniera

So, seen the devices, the Orphek Atlantik V4 registers the highest value ever seen in our hands. The ceiling lights, compared to the Philips, are slightly penalized only for their pretty high price. But often the ceiling lights can be found on sale about 8/900 euro, making the cost per watt much more appealing.

The values in comparison with the data got by the Seneye may not be too truthful, because they’ve been done with two different devices, one of which is professional. We think that the optimal coverage for SPS corals strongly demanding, it’s an area of 70×50 cm.

Orphek Atlantik V4: la plafoniera accesa

Maintenance costs

The Orphek Atlantik V4 cost, without any particular offer, 1099 dollars, that in the actual value, tax included, are 1099 euro. You have to add the price of the getaway of more or less 150 dollars but it can control “n” ceiling lights. This is also often on sale.

Orphek Atlantik V4: vista laterale

The absorbed power we’ve seen is of 226 watt, then in a relationship cost/watt of about 4,9 euro for each watt. We can make a comparison with the other ceiling lights that we had in our hands is enough to look at the chart below.

Ceiling light Price Consumption Relationship euro per watt  
Philips Coralcare 749 euro 190 watt 3,9 euro per watt Test
Maxspect Ethereal 500 euro 126 watt 4,0 euro per watt Test (italian page)
Radion XR30w G2 PRO
790 euro 170 watt 4,7 euro per watt Italian review
Radion XR30w G4 PRO 915 euro 190 watt 4,8 euro per watt Italian article
OceanLed Sunrise 600 870 euro 180 watt 4,8 euro per watt Test (italian page)
Orphek Atlantik V4 1099 euro 226 watt 4,9 euro per watt  
Radion XR30w G2 690 euro 140 watt 4,9 euro per watt Italian review
Radion XR30w G4 760 euro 150 watt 5,1 euro per watt Italian article
Aqamai LRM
465 euro 87,5 watt 5,2 euro per watt Test
Zetlight UFO ZE-8000 500 euro 91,5 watt 5,5 euro per watt Test
CEAB Slide & Led 2.700 euro 275 watt 9,8 euro per watt Review
Sicce GNC 466 1.592 euro 120 watt 13,3 euro per watt Receview


The ceiling light  is very well built, the covering is optimal and the application very simple and reactive. The cost per watt is in the average, while the PAR expressed are incredible.

Questions and comments are, as usual, welcomed.

Orphek Atlantik V4: il pannello

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