Aquascaping at Anubias booth with TeknoGreen lamps during Interzoo 2016

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga anubias 46

Anubias is a fantastic Italian reality ever present during the most important events, Anubias is responsible for the cultivation and subsequent distribution of aquatic plants for fresh water aquariums (italy-flag-28x19 qui l’articolo in italiano)

Amtra abbatti i consumi

Plants which are the basis for many of fantastic aquascaping that we saw during the Interzoo. And this makes us proud to be Italian, because Anubias is a reality that exists since in 1990, so more than a teenager.

The booth was big, very basic, with white background and many plants on display, and several aquascaping, one of them was really cool, and in my opinion, I might judge only marine aquariums, one of the most beautiful of the whole event. And in fact it has been photographed from all those who were passing nearby.

But before to talk about what we saw, we can’t forget also the many gatherings that have seen protagonist the Anubias booth. On Saturday afternoon we in fact stumbled into a crowd of aquascapers who met themselves inside the booth just for a flash mob … or something like that.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga anubias 41

In the picture from left Giuseppe Nisi, Fabio Lorusso, Enrico Fortuna and Alessandro Mascolo

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga anubias 43

As you can see the stand was really full of people, curious and aquascapers, from all over the world.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga anubias 45

A beautiful tree awaited for us at the entrance of the booth which ideally was holding some beautiful Plexiglas balls with inside the plants for our aquariums.

But let’s talk about the main attraction, the aquascaping.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga Anubias Aquascaping 02

Oliver Knott is the author of this artwork, created three months ago in the office of Anubias, and then it was grown and maintained by Giuseppe Nisi and Fabio Lorusso. It is really beautiful, a bit in a bit off, crystal clear water, plants obviously provided by Anubias and the tank also in this case supplied by Gaia Italia that now is specialized in tanks for aquascaping with the most unusual forms.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga Anubias Aquascaping 03

I hope you will forgive me if I publish more photos of this masterpiece … but also for a marine aquarium lover like me it is not easy to remain indifferent. Sometimes I wonder if I would be good also to experiment in this discipline so different.

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