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Breathtaking aquascaping in ITAC 2022: the first italian contest

ITAC is the new and first aquascaping contest for freshwater in Italy

ITAC is the new and first aquascaping contest in Italy for all aquascape world. We comment with you the winner aquariums.

Amtra offerte per acquario

This format was proposed by fluvio.net (we talked here, did you remember that?), group created for support the public aquariophilia knowledge, with the highest experts of the sector, including our dear Danilo Ronchi of DaniReef.com.

How to partecipate and the regulation of the international contest

The partecipation in this first edition of 2022 was possible without entry fee, only for the purpose to funny all together in this fantastic hobby. Watching in the dedicated page of regulation, it’s obvious that something is up already fot the ITAC 2023! In fact the regulation is clear, you can partecipate with only one aquarium, also registered in other contest, realized between 2022 and 2023. Besides is enough a frontal photo of our wonderful aquascape tank that we are so proud and the inscription is done. The last clause is that not accepted edited photo, but I think the beauty of aquascaping don’t need that.

With this requests, basically all aquascape fan can partecipate in ITAC.

An international jury to evaluate the almost 50 aquascape

They are persent in ITAC of the most know international fame judges that at least once we heard of in our aquaristics life.

Diego Marinelli, Filipe Oliveira, Pawel Mielniczek, Marino Varetto, William Fantini ed Augusto Veneruso!

Think about that among them there are some judges that in the last years have partecipated in the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC).

Here below the presentation of the winners that you could find in the Fluvio YouTube channel, presented by Piero Ballarini, also known as Mister Rio.

Presentation of the top 10 aquascape in ITAC 2022

What we think about the three best aquascape in ITAC 2022

Without organizing and move all that is necessary to set up at best an aquascape, in ITAC this stress don’t exist!

The pictures here below speak clearly, they are all aquarium realized with calm and tranquillity and it is the feel that these aquascape transmit.

Third classified in ITAC 2022 - Ahmet Göl
Third classified in ITAC 2022 – Ahmet Göl

Ahmet Göl, with this set up, simulate to be in proximity to reach the end of a forest and find yourself in a shining valley. This is my perception and I would say that if it is the result desired, he succed with flying colours.

Second classified in ITAC 2022 - Nobphacha Yimyou
Second classified in ITAC 2022 – Nobphacha Yimyou

Ever closer to the summint! Think that it reached the 15° place at KIAC 2022 and 242° at AGAIAC 2022.

With this second place of Yimyou I think that everyone could appreciate the dream to connect connect substrate and surface as one. The importance of a bottom and a surface with the right flow to permit the desired plants grow.

I’m fascinated how all those branches give movement toward an unique point, the same reached by water lilies and indicated by Vallisneria.

First classified in ITAC 2022 - Rennier Recio Katigbak
First classified in ITAC 2022 – Rennier Recio Katigbak

The last but not the least, also because there is nothing to tell and a lot to stay watch in silence.

Could only be the first tank of this ITAC 2022 if not the set up of Render Recio Katigbak! Aquascape multi award winning, achieved the 5° place at KIAC 2022, 17° at SEASCAPE 2022, 207° at AGAIAC 2022.

Gloomy, crystalline, soffused like the waterline and proportionate. A set up so perfect to have made this 50 centimetres of depth a view of 500 metres.

Our final conclusions about the aquascaping world 

Aquascaping is magic, I’m sure that at least once like me you dabbled it in a small aquarium empty around the house. For those who want to start or improve, I advise to follow us more assiduosly, but also take a look to Scaper Mag, currently on its third release, totally online and free, magazine of William Fantini, judge of ITAC 2022.

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