1400 liters for the incredible marine aquarium of Pietro Romano from Italy


During the meeting of Goccia Nera in the last days of may at Gallarate, not so far from Milano, I had the chance to meet my friend Pietro Romano and to take some pictures of his more than wonderful aquarium.

Amtra scopri le offerte

The aquarium measures 250x80x70cm for 1.400 liters, or 66x21x18,5 US gallons and 370 US gallons.

I can assure you this incredible aquarium is astounding, and one of the more beautiful aquariums I ever seen live.

The Pietro’s aquarium is like my dreaming aquarium should be. Huge, or at least huge for what we usually seen in Italy, but with so many fish that I love, one huge, yes this is huge, Acanthurus sohal, a pair of Acanthurus achilles, Acanthurus leucosternon, and a wonderful Zebrasoma gemmatum and then Zebrasoma xanthurum and flavescens… not to mention the Pygoplites diacanthus, and his bites on corals.

Viewing from above, and you’ll see in the video, it seems to snorkel on the Red Sea, inside the Reef, for the natural view of this magnificent aquarium.


The corals, almost only from genus Acropora, and among these so many millepore, are wonderful, and you can see the natural growth and many bites on them by fish, many things we’ll see in the next weeks when we’ll publish the Tank of the Month article about this wonderful aquarium. We have more than 200 pictures… maybe we will not publish them all… but we think you’ll have more than one idea about this tank.


It’s obvious you will not miss to see the lighting over the tank, six HQi from 400 watt and twentyfour T5 from 39 watt, for a total of 3,400 watt of light. In Italy it’s a huge quantity of power. And I have to admit that coming back to take pictures under HQi it was been very beautiful. The colours were well saturated but natural, and many shadow and games of light.

Now I leave you to see the video, You have to see it in High Definition, and I wait so many comments about this tank.

Don’t miss, at 3:17 the administration of food for fish…

The music for this video was been created by the musician Gianluca Rughi – Rughy, that you can find also on iTunes and Amazon.

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