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The refractometer Vertex RF-I


The Vertex Aquaristik recently introduced many new products. One of these is the new Vertex Refractometer RF-I.

The stainless steel Refractometer comes in a handy waterproof, so it can be placed in the vicinity of the aquarium without fear.

Amtra sconto 20%

The refractometer measures both salinity and specific gravity, and it is obviously ATC, with automatic temperature compensation.

I remind to everyone that the measurement of salinity is important in the management of a marine aquarium, so I invite you to read the important article dedicated: The truth about salinity in aquarium

The package is completed, in addition to the refractometer and the plastic carrying case with a small screwdriver to calibrate the instrument and a handy tip to “suck” the water from the aquarium and place it directly on the refractometer.

The refractometer is a necessary tool, and this Vertex is definitely a great example of how it should be. Easy to read, with the usual blue display, in the left the scale of specific weight and in the right the salinity, ATC and in a convenient case to about 55 € of purchase price.

If you do not already have one, it is definitely a tool to consider for purchase.


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