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The new Elos Evision is finally here


The Elos Evision has finally arrived on DaniReef, once again a world premiere!

It has arrived Friday late evening so I just had time to unpack and see what was inside the package sent from Elos

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And inside there was … the E-Vision Touch Screen, the Tempo module and the LedDimmerBox module.

In truth, Elos has gently sent to me also one Elos E-Lite Color, like the one in the video that we have already seen where the owner of the Company, Dr. Gandini, let us seen how he could play with the Leds in the aquarium in Verona from Singapore in order to obtain different mixtures of color.

This is because, of course, to see how Evison could perform in dimming I needed something to dim.

I turned on the modules, and I have to agree that the touch screen module  is really impressive, but as soon as possible I intend to make a thorough review … and for the curious … I am preparing a video from unpacking to complete setting up… it just takes a little ‘time to wait …


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