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The second Elos Open Day: The Reportage


Sunday, June 13 was held the second Elos Open Day. Also this year Elos wanted to give the chance for some aquarists to be his guests, first in a conference room where we talked about the latest news from the Nuremberg and LED lighting, then for lunch and then in factory to touch the novelties presented.

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For me and for the MagnaRomagna group the morning has started on the same parking where we usually meet before taking the highway to any place to explore. This time one of the cars chosen for the transfer was a Subaru Impreza … and considering the race towards Lamborghini and Ferrari whoever was inside was very amused (Lollo, is it true ???). The first stop was done in Bologna, where we had to meet with Vera, just before the shop Hobby Acquari, well-known and easy place to reach, and here we also have the opportunity for a great breakfast. Left Bologna to Valeggio sul Mincio and we had to make another stop outside the highway… because … someone while driving was thinking to surpass Ferrari & co. has taken the higway towards Florence instead of Milan … trifles … :-))

Then we arrived at 11.30, good last, at the second Elos Open Day, specifically at the Eden Hotel where everyone was already seated waiting for us. We thank Dr. Nicola Gandini publicly for this opportunity, and obviously Bartalini Lorenzo who has been a guide for the day.

The day would have to articulate with only a single report, but they became two separate reports.

The first report was focused on products that Elos has unveiled at Nuremberg, and based on fact that among those present I was the only one that was been at Interzoo, I felt that the presentation has been really interesting. We recall briefly the most significant products, the new aquariums Elos Midi, the new series of LED lighting, new skimmers, the Aquatop cover, new test kits of potassium and phosphate, up to the new osmocontroller and paludarium. You can read a comprehensive report on what the Elos has shown in Nuremberg in this article: Interzoo 2010 Nürnberg: Elos News

After this initial introduction, and preliminary to what we saw later in the factory, Dr. Gandini began speaking of light, focusing on certain aspects of led, taking some of the concepts and expanding on the report that, at different times, had been submitted to public (MagnaModena, ReefItalia meeting, article on Acquaportal and DaniReef, the last was the only one in english).

After this first part, we have had a break and we went to the restaurant where we were greeted by tortellini and steak… I must say that I ate really well, but without this was too heavy too … I didn’t drank wine, but someone did 😉

Back in the conference room, Dr. Nicola Gandini started with the real gem of the day … talking about LEDs and LED lighting, with lots of advice dished out to us hobbyists eager to expand our knowledge on the subject.

The report was really interesting because it started telling us about the different types of LEDs and the importance of an adequate cooling, and the differences between metal-core than those weld on board, has spoke of the various brands of LEDs, from those more reliable than those a little less, and he showed us, numbers and text in hand, the differences between LEDs of the same type but with different specifications. The conclusion then was that “not all LEDs are equal” …

I hope to be able to get my hands on this very interesting report so I can share with everyone. Certainly a beautiful report that has enabled us to consider many aspects of the LEDs that normally we don’t consider so important because of our lack of information.

At last we finally moved in the Factory, where we first made a nice group photo to remember the beautiful day spent together and then we went into the warehouse, where there were to welcome us, all new equipments and items shown at Nuremberg and in the morning, among many other beautiful stuff.

From left to right: Elos 120, Paludarium, System Mini, Elos Midi, System 70, Elos Midi

The thing that I personally noted more, was to be able to see the System Mini near the new Elos Midi. From all the pictures taken before, even at Interzoo, you can not fully perceive the increased size … appear to be the same tank, or a little different, because the proportions are not very dissimilar. But seeing them side by side is actually very interesting … as the latter is really much bigger than the first. The same system 70 no longer seems so enormous as compared with his little boy. But I think the images speak for themselves.

From left to right: Elos 120, Paludarium, System Mini, Elos Midi, System 70

A great interest was aroused by the new digital osmocontroller, especially because of elimination of float and thus the big miniaturization achieved … especially considering the numerous possible applications in MiniReef than in aquaria without a sump, where the new probe can be easily concealed while maintaining safety at the highest levels.

Here we are inside the factory to browse the exhibits and also … the shelves … and the warehouse

Bubba21 look at new skimmers

Dr. Gandini speak about Elos new products

And now a gallery of pictures (clickable) of the tanks on display


System Mini

Elos Midi

System 70

Elos Midi

As answer to a polite request, here the photo of the test and of the reagents of the new high-resolution phosphate test kit

and to follow a picture of classical beautiful Elos sump surrounded by skimmers and the new Digital Osmocontroller.

In succession the Elos NS4000, NS2000 and the tiny NS100.

While we were intent to observe the light output of different lamps, Elos 120 with a pair of E-Power 250w HQi, then an E-lite with E-spotXL over a Mini System and finally an Aquatop with 4 E-stripe with 9 leds each over an Elos Midi, thanks to the kindness of Dr. Gandini, we have measured the PAR of the three approaches which confirmed what had already discussed in the morning.

And now a roundup of photos of persons involved at the Elos Open Day

Finally, if you’re interested, I leave you this link where Mirko has created a page on Elos Open Day also creating a great video summarizing the new Elos products.

The page is in italian, but the video is great nevertheless 🙂


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