How to cure fish affected by Cryptocaryon, Oodinium or similar

Lysmata shrimps

Lysmata shrimps, and in particular the amboinensis, are the cleaner shrimps for excellence, and they’re great for helping the fish in these conditions, which otherwise could scratch themselves on the rocks.

Lysmata amboinensis - gambero pulitore dei pesci

Lysmata amboinensis – fish cleaner shrimp

The more of these shrimps you have in aquarium, the easier will be for your fish to heal.

Gobiosoma evelynae and Labroides dimidiatus fish

Another great cure are the Gobiosoma evelynae fish. They aren’t easy to find, but they’re tireless parasites eaters. Moreover they’re small and don’t bother the other fish when there aren’t parasites anymore.

Gobiosoma evelynae alla ricerca di parassiti su Acanthurus leucosternon

Gobiosoma evelynae searching parasites on a Acanthurus leucosternon

Here above we can see a Gobiosoma evelynae cleaning an Acanthurus leucosternon.

Gobiosoma evelynae in acquario marino

Gobiosoma evelynae in marine aquarium

Another excellent fish for the eradication of parasites is the Labroides dimidiatus. The problem is that it’s very aggressive towards the parasites so it tends to stress the healthy fish when there are no more parasites. I suggest to take one of them each two big sized fish in aquarium. Don’t go too far.


Many people suggest the administration of iodium in case of these attacks. If you have the possibility to measure the iodium level and you actually have a low level in aquarium, then add it, but don’t overdo because it’s toxic anyway.

UV lamp and Ozone

The UV lamp can help a lot, but exclusively with the Cryptocaryon in the dissociation phase. In this case the lamp burns the protozoan fluctuating into the water, so it dies without reproduce. But the lamp eliminates also those good organisms in aquarium, so I don’t feel like suggesting it. Instead the Ozone can help the fish to heal, if dosed in the right way.

A recap

So, if happens that we have one of the disease described before, the Cryptocryon irritans or the Oodinium ocellatum, it’s helpful to follow these simple rules:

  1. Acquarium with perfect chemical and biological values;
  2. Administration of proteic feed with garlic and vitamins;
  3. Purchase of fish and shrimps in order to fight the parasites (Lysmata amboinensis, Gobiosoma evelynae, Labroides dimidiatus etc);
  4. Use of Ozone and UV lamp in case you already have one at home.

If you have questions, we’re glad to help you.


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