AutoAqua Smart AWC Touch: an easy way for water change

During CIPS at Shangai we had the opportunity to visit a booth, a small one by the way, of an interesting Taiwanese company, AutoAqua, of which we have already spoken about once on these pages, that had to re-present worldwide a device for automatic water change for aquarium.

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What is new, compared to many other boots we have visited so far, is that AutoAqua is imported and distributed in Italy by ReefLine. This means that, possibly, the products we will see today could be imported soon also in our BelPaese.

As we said before, AutoAqua reintroduced its Smart AWC Touch. Re-introduced because, technically, we had already seen it during Macna 2017 at New OrleansSAWC-200P, or rather Smart AWC Touch 200P, is a device tought for automatic water change and  top off.

Smart AWC Touch 200P in details

As you can see in the picture Smart AWC is extremely compact, it shows up an LCD display and 5 buttons. Two sockets for the sensors, 3 for the pumps, and one electric socket.

Its functioning and the relative connections are very easy, as we can see in the following diagram.

You have to put the two sensors in your sump, between minimum and maximum levels of the water change. Generally is the higher sensor that controls, and  the automatic top off  is calibrated on it. The lower sensor, instead, is activated only when a water change happens, and it empties the sump till that level. P1 socket controls the top off pump, so it runs on his own. While P2 and P3 pumps have to be placed one in the sump and the other in the tank containing the new water for the change.

Its operating way is extremely easy. P2 pump empties the sump till a minimum level. At this point P3 pump starts and it restores the sump to a fixed level.

Over. Easy. Done.

Here we can see the operating pumps included in the purchase of this device.

And here is the device in action with two tanks, the aquarium to be managed, and the Smart AWC Touch.

The floats are optical and they are held in place by two magnets. Well, AutoAqua seems to have thought of everything, now we just have to wait that ReefLine makes it come in our shops.

What do you think about it? Would you buy an object like that? Or would you do it only on the basis of its sales price? Let’s talk about it togheter.


For further informations about AutoAqua, we give you their official web page. We give you also the link to our editorial about CIPS 2017, where you can find the links to all the articles we have written so far and to the ones we will write concerning this event from now on .


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