The incredible Marine Aquarium by Pietro Romano

The technical part

Polipi di Acropora sp. nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

Let’s talk about your technical part, but please, let’s begin with the illumination.

Well, it’s easy. To choose the right illumination was been quite easy. I asked to myself which was the better light for the aquarium, without thinking about the costs or the consumption of it, and the best light, in my opinion, was and are the HQi lamps.

The 3.000 and more watts of light help the aquarium to eliminate nutrients, thanks to 6 Giesemann Infinity with 400 HQi lamps, and everyone with 4 T5 neon of 24 watts. In total my aquarium has 6 400 watts HQi and 24 24 watts T5. Impressive, don’t you think?”.

Polipi di Acropora sp. nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

And for the skimmer? The same reasoning?

“Yes, sure. I wanted to take absolutely the best for my tank, and so I’ve bought a Royal Exlusiv Bubble King 250. Other than that, I use a zeolite reactor with 3 liters of media, so I’m sure to remove any trace of ammonia, because I know there is a lot of ammonia in my tank… have you seen the fishes?”.

La sump dell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

“The technical part is completed with the Korallin 3001 calcium reactor, easy and well built. In my aquarium there is nothing more than this”.

La sump dell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

What about your water change? What’s your preferred marine salt?

“I do a 100 liters of water change every single week, and every three month I change the salt, by using one from Aquaforest, Tropic Marine or Deep Blue, that I know very well. So I can choose the salt by watching to the tank”.

Polipi di Acropora sp. nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

We have seen you use the calcium reactor, do you add some other trace elements?

“Yes, I’m used to add boron, potassium, iron, iodine, fluorine and magnesium, following my personal list I’ve improved during the years, and I start normally two days after the water change”.

Zebrasoma flavescens e coralli nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

Do you feed your corals?

“No, this time I have not agree with you, I think it is sufficient, well, more than sufficient, only feeding my beloved fishes. I strongly believe to the importance of heavily feed my fishes, and you can see the exact moment in the video, I think it’s a fantastic moment. Please take a look and say me what do you think about it”.

Acropora millepora nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

Have you changed your technical equipments during the years, or are you remained faithful to your first choices?

“I haven’t changed my equipment, and my goal is to achieve always better results. I love this hobby. And when I’ll find better equipments, in my opinion, I’ll try in my tank without problem”.

Acropore e millepore nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

“What is it important in my very personal opinion is the binomial between corals and fishes, I’m not interested on very exaggerated colours on my SPS, I prefer to see the growth, the wellness, for all the inhabitants of my tank. Have a good Reefs to everybody!”

Acropora millepora gialla nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano

After having listened to Pietro, and after having passed so much time with him meantime watching his wonderful creature, I can only agree with him, I have the same idea. Better to have lesser colour, but more fishes. But in this aquarium, also the corals are of a very high quality. Nothing miss. What else?

It seems to be inside a tropical sea, not aquarium.

Acropore sp. nell'acquario marino di Pietro Romano