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Interzoo 2010 Nürnberg: Elos News

Also this year I will begin my description of Interzoo 2010 at Nuremberg starting from Elos, as was done for the last Interzoo 2008, this is due to a long time past into the Italian stand, both for the many new features, as always Elos is usual to disclose them during this very important International Fair.

Interzoo 2010 Elos

This year’s Elos wanted to surprise us with a space stand, lit with many new solutions led, and that gave a characteristic blue light to the whole complex. Under the “passage” there were two beautiful tanks, one fresh water and one marina, as well as skimmers and calcium reactors as a corollary. Outside instead are placed two rows of tanks on the right the new fantastic Elos Midi, and to the left the SystemMini with a juicy news represented in the new Paludarium. All around the many novelties.

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