Preview of the terrific skimmer: UltraReef Typhon UKD 200

We had the incredible luck to have in our hands the last high-tech model of skimmers: the Typhon UKD-200 by UltraReef. Some days ago we took some pictures, and now we’re testing it in an amazing aquarium of 600 liters, that soon will figure in the aquarium of the month.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

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Jonathan‘s aquarium is about three years old, with fabulous acroporas and it’s sill in growth.

We of DaniReef has always used skimmers by Akula, and it’s the first time we see a product of the same quality. And we can confirm it’s a spectacular skimmer. The skimmer has a single pump, which is a Sicce PSK-SDC 2600 DC24. Electronic, adjustable, of 24V.

Speaking of UltraReef maybe we are repeating ourselves, but the skimmer is excellently built, even more solid than the Akulas that we saw in the past. And it’s heavy. No detail is left to chance. In one word: we really, really like it.

Technical characteristics of the UltraReef Typhoon UKD 200

  • Suggested sizes of the aquarium: from 500 to 1500 liters;
  • Skimming pump: Sicce PSK-SDC 2600 DC24;
  • Treated air: from 300 to 1.400 l/h;
  • Treated water: from 700 to 2.300 l/h;
  • Consumption: from 10 to 36 watt;
  • Sizes: Occupied space at the base 39×29 cm;
  • Height: 60 cm;
  • Level of water requested: 18-22 cm.

As you can see from our pictures the construction is excellent.

The pump is external to skimmer so it occupies more space in sump, but the maintenance is easier. Moreover, UltraReef says, the external supply can limitate the losses through the input channel. Differently from the other skimmer we’re used to it doesn’t have the central plate.

Another detail it’s that the water column is higher compared to another skimmer with equal power and internal pump.

This Typhoon has the system EasyFlip. It’s a system through which we can extract the glass with only one hand. Moreover, the glass can be completely disassembled for its cleaning.

The drain has its own slider that you activate through an adjustment knob.

Notice the personalized serigraph.

As we have said and how you can see fom the images the skimmer has a classic system with external pump and brush impeller. Because the drain is in the low part we can’t measure the treated water. But we managed to do so, and when our review will be ready you will also have this data available.

The impeller of the pump Sicce PSK-SDC 2600 DC24 it’s spectacular. The spikes are perfect.

Give us a couple of months to test this skimmer and we will report all the data in a review!

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