LGs 2050 and LGs 2550 – new LGMAquari skimmers

LGMAquari LGs 2250LGMAquari updates its skimmer line with two new tools, LGs 2250 and the LGs 2550, at the same time as the release of the new powerful Sicce SDC 4000.

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Two little monsters appropriate for aquariums of a big size.

LGMAquari LGs 2050

The “younger brother”, has very noticeable characteristics:

  • Type: inner skimmer
  • Ideal for tanks until: 2.000 liters with corals SPS
  • Treated water: 1.800 l/h
  • Treated air: 1.600 l/h
  • Pumps: 2 Sicce PSK1000
  • Height: 63 cm
  • Dimensions: 44×29
  • Price: 1.373,72 euro

In comparison to the old series this skimmer has been updated and there are more benefits, like the possibility to be completely disassembled as you can see in the following pictures.

So it’s a giant skimmer with a diameter of 20 cm for enormous aquariums. Just to be clear: a 2.000 liters aquarium has dimensions of 300x80x80… We know very well the pumps, they’re a couple of Sicce PSK1000 that we’ve already used in other skimmers in the past. Obviously with a brush impeller. The skimmer works at its best with almost 20 cm of water in sump.

The drain can be claimed high or low. I prefer it high in order to make it drain directly in the return compartment. So you can have the perfect circuit. The venturi of the pumps are down-oriented in order to suck the major part of the sediment.

The materials also are different from the old LGMAquari productions, with a large use of transparencies and a big and white PVC.
Moreover, the fixing screws are made in nylon, in order not to compromise the thread (that could happen with metal screws). Moreover, they don’t oxidize or get rusty.

LGMAquari LGs 2550

Instead the “elder brother” it’s a new model, presented these days with even better characteristics, using the new electric pump Sicce PSH SDC 4000. Here’s the same picture in the opening:

LGMAquari LGs 2250

  • Type: inner skimmer
  • Ideal for tanks until: 2.800 liters with corals SPS
  • Treated corals: 1.400-2.800 l/h
  • Treated air: 600-2.200 l/h
  • Pump: Sicce PSH SDC 4000, adjustable
  • Price: Not declared

The technical data are amazing, it’s a pity still not to have available the price of the ‘LGs 2550. But the pump promises incredible performances with its 2.800 l/h of treated water and air. So much that the skimmer is able to manage an aquarium of even 2.800 liters.


LGMAquari LGs 2250

It shares the same news with its “little brother” LGs 2050 we’ve already seen: it can be completely disassembled and the drain can be high or down. I always suggest you the high one. Even in this case the set of screws is in nylon.

These are apparently two optimal skimmers, and we have no doubts that they are going to work perfectly. In fact the LGs 850 we tested years ago was impeccable and we liked it very much, as you can read again here.