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The cost increase of neodymium, Tunze reduces the magnetic holder

As mentioned in the article in August, the cost increase of neodymium has a negative impact on aquarium.
Nevertheless Tunze freezes the prices reducing the magnetic holder.

TURBELLE STREAM 6125 — had a “magnetic holder” up to 0.98 inches, now reduced for thick glasses up to 0.59 inches.
For example, the pumps 6025-6045-6055-6105 were provided with a magnet that held a thickness up to 0.75 inches;
in most cases the magnet was oversized, so Tunze adapts the pumps according to their use, as follows:

6025-6045 had a magnet for glass tickness 0.75 inches; now it’s reduced with one up to 0.47 inches;
6055-6105 had a magnet for 0.75 inches; now it’s reduced with one up to 0.59 inches.

However, if the customer had special needs, he could buy the suitable magnet holder separately.
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(with contribution of Angela Picucci)