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The new chiller TK150 finally with R290 gas presented by Teco at the Interzoo 2022


Teco updates the small chiller TK150 with the R290 gas, making it twice as efficient! It was presented in a booth as welcoming as ever!

Amtra offerte per acquario

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But let’s start from the beginning. Teco is a company in Romagna, well known, among its products, for its welcome. For people from Romagna, like us, hospitality is a fundamental value. To make us remember that, this year Teco offered “pida se parsut” (piada with ham) to everyone. A great way to take a break and have a snack after all the kilometers walked around the exhibition.

One of the most important must-see for the clients around the world in the new headquarter that you can see top left in the opening. It was built recently, it’s a concentrated of technology and best practice, all of the production is located in Italy and it’s very interesting to visit.

The video of Teco’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

Before you go on, we leave you to our video so that you can see the other stands not only in picture. Clik on the video you’ll be directly sent to the part about Teco, but you can also watch the rest of it. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

The new Teco TK150 with R290 gas

The star of the booth was the new Teco Tk150 with R290 gas. Finally even the small chiller has been implemented with the new gas that really improved the other chillers. Here there’s our review of the new Tk1000 in comparison with the old version.

Teco TK150 with R290 coolant

The aesthetic difference with the old TK150 is just the green screen printing on the front that says R290, but the performances are something else, and with totally lower consumption than the previous model! And if you think that with the old TK150 I managed to run my 400 liters aquarium, even if helped by the fans E-Chill, you can imagine now at what cost now you could run yours.

I’m looking forward to test it thoroughly to see the differences in consumptions and performances compared to the old model.

Teco TK150 with R290 coolant on show

Obviously in the booth there were also the other available chillers, plus an original one: the so called lobster, a lobster dedicated chiller, that you can see in the video. It’s designed for cold waters and it’s mostly for restaurants.


For further informations about Teco‘s chiller we refer you to their official site. We also invite you to read our Editorial of the exhibition, so that you can also consult the links of the articles dedicated to the booths we visited at the exhibition. We’ll add more articles day by day, so check it out! Or you can watch our video documentary on this edition of the Interzoo 2022.

From the left: Rosaria, Massimo and, with the new orange t-shirt, DaniReef, at Teco’s booth at the Interzoo 2022
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