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Editorial: Nuremberg Interzoo 2022 – our in depth review


As usual we’ll try to give you most accurate information as possible about the most interesting products of these days.

Now let’s give the floor to Andrea Carmagnola, a friend of us that came with us for the first time.

Andrea Carmagnola and the Interzoo 2022

First of all I want to thank Danilo and DaniReef’s guys for the possibility they gave me to visit the Nuremberg Interzoo these days. It has been a unique experience. It was the first time for me in such an important exhibition; I was pretty amazed by this aquaristic world and the passion of the people, both exhibitors and traders. I though I knew this world quite enough, because I’m a fan since I was young, but in truth it was like being a kid the first day of school. I learned a lot.

I will always be grateful to Danilo, Giorgio and Simone for their patience and for all the answers to my many, many many questions.

This passion for the aquaristic world has always had a main part in my life. I had my first aquarium when I was four… And now, also thanks to DaniReef, I’m finally succeeding in combine this passion to my job as environment designer, a dream coming true!

I always prefered the freshwater world, so the marine is always a discover for me. In particular, I love the amazon biotopes and the beautiful Symphysodon (better known as Discus). 

Discus at OASE's
Discus at OASE‘s

Given my passions I’ve obviously been linked to Oase, a brand that I really like both for the aesthetics and the functionality of their products. I had the opportunity to know them better at their booth; I was amazed by their new biOrb Earth 125, a new Vivarium that enlarges the family of biOrb and that will be on the market in the next months… I really can’t wait! It’s a close system that allows to recreate a biotope very easily thanks to all the integrated functions, the humidity and the temperature, the lighting and every adjustable parameter useful for the formation of an ideal ecosystem. The perfect product for anyone who wants to recreate a corner of nature in their home.

Oase also proposes a new surface skimmer, CrystalSkim, in two dimensions 350 and 500, that I’m really looking forward to test. It must be a real bomb!

For what concernes marine aquariums I could write a whole list of products that drawn me but I’ll try to comment just the ones that interested me and that I’m going to insert in the tank I’m setting.

The first ones are Abyzz return pumps, which actually aren’t a new products. Not many others stand a comparison with their incredible power and the warranty that represents the brand itself.

I also liked a lot Schego products, that until the exhibition I had only known by name. They have very interesting heaters available in two lines: one ready to be put directly in the tank, the other more delicate designed for an external system thanks to the metal coil they’re made of; both can reach 600 watts of power.

I’ll conclude with Fauna Marin: I couldn’t tell which was the best product but surely the new ICP tests and the Balling system impressed me and these are the two things I’m going to deepen through purchase.

I already said this and I don’t want to bore anyone but believe me, it only took me a few days in there to fall in love with this world even more. I’m waiting for September so that I can visit Macna too… if Danilo still wants to put up with me!

Then we proceed with Simone Baglioni.

Simone Baglioni, Hioct999 and the Interzoo 2022

Everybody waited so long for the Interzoo 2022. After four years from the last exhibition, because the 2020 edition has been filed due to the COVID, we were also a little warried because of the absence of some companies of the South-East Asia and many other leader companies, both American and European (Italian included), maybe because of the ongoing war in East Europe.

At the same time, though, the expectations were really high.

At first impression, a sense of frustration and loss took us. Those that saw the event in the past years were used to see many pavillions dedicated to aquariology. This year, the restricted number of booths limited our visit to 4-5 pavillions while other pets were absolutely prevalent. And with the ultimate consacration of the e-commerce many worldwide companies prefered to present their products online, without investing many human and financial resources to attend the exhibition.

Right now we can’t say if this choice has been successful.

But what we stated is that all the operators come to Nuremberg found themselves more than enthusiasts for the outcome of the exhibition, leaving the city with new contacts and closed businesses.

Pink-tipped Catalaphyllia at Silbermann's, simply wonderful
Pink-tipped Catalaphyllia at Silbermann’s, simply wonderful

We don’t have yet the data of the public influx, but we noticed a good quantity of visitors and movement.

Then, speaking of news, I can say I saw several fascinating items. There will be time to deepen some of the most interesting products, for now I just want to quote some: I saw many people interested by multi parameter photometric tests (just one tool to use all the reagents), with ICP tests made available by many companies and being no longer the prerogative of one or two brands.

New ICP at Fauna Marin's
New ICP at Fauna Marin‘s

The offer of food was various and diverse for every kind of fish and coral. Otherwise there where less news about basic technique, like lighting, whose only news were from China. Ecotech Marine displaced us by launching the new Radion G6 practically in conjunction with the Interzoo, but it’s a sign of the decentralization of the market that we’ll live for the next years.

The skimmers have already reached high standards of performance so it’s difficult to find other valid alternatives to present. Calcium reactors faded into the background, the trend now is towards to the balling method so that right now almost every company has its own line. There were some news in the pumps field, increasingly driven towards devices of home assistance.

AGP automatic shaking zeolite reactor
AGP automatic shaking zeolite reactor

In conclusion, in the three days spent at the Interzoo we figured out that, even if it was far different from the previous editions, it was the new start that we needed, with good ideas to work on for the future.

So we stand by our positive opinion, waiting for an even greater return, hoping that the news laws coming in Europe for animal importation won’t affect irretrievably the future of our hobby.

Here it is my personal ranking of the most interesting products at the exhibition:

3) The automatic shaking zeolite reactor presented by AGP; 

2) The photometric tester Exaqua able to do measurements on various parameters with the possibility to use reagents of other origin (after buying the license); 

Multiparameter photometric test by Exaqua
Multiparameter photometric test by Exaqua

1) The fantastic biOrb EARTH 125 by Oase, a technologically advanced terrarium for the total control of the habitats, with an intriguing design that embellishes every place.

In the future, as we publish new articles regarding the Interzoo, we’ll update also the list in this page with the specific links.

Enjoy the reading.

All the booths of the Interzoo 2022 visited and commented by us:

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