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Our in-depth review of the Seneye Reef System

The Seneye system is a new control system just introduced on the market that stands out for being extremely cheap. We just tried the Seneye Reef which will be discussed in this review.

After quoting the price we have to start from it to understand how this system can be cheap. Seneye Reef is sold to the public at 133 € (albeit in Italy). But now let’s start our complete review.

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Preview: the Seneye Reef is here

As all DaniReef readers will know I am a great admirer of automation and control systems for aquarium. A few months ago there was an introduction of a new control system called Seneye. The system was dedicated for fresh water aquariums “Seneye Home“, ponds “Seneye Pond” and of course for marine aquariums “Seneye Reef“.

The beauty of this system is its price very low, that is within the reach of almost anyone with a tank of a certain level and always want to know the most important values in aquarium. The Seneye Reef is sold to the public at 133 euros, while the Seneye Home at only 92 euros.

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