Askoll Pure Marine XL HC Led: a 130 litres compact marine aquarium

What can we breed within?

We remember that we are talking about an aquarium without a protein skimmer, so the kind of corals to breed will be limited. We cannot think to breed small-polyps-scleractinians, on the other side I feel I can say that there wouldn’t be any problem for fish and soft corals, as long as we follow certain rules. Long-polyps-scleractinians instead are in the middle. If  the managing is careful and meticulous probably you can deal with them with nice pleasure.

Acquario marino Askoll Pure Marine XL HC Led: vista superiore

How to get the most from Askoll Pure Marine XL HC Led aquarium

We are going to a field that we can call Askoll Pure Marine 2.0. Following the rules  for a best marine aquarium dealing, I can give you a few tips for its set-up, and if you want to get fully trained I can suggest you one of the three books you can find listed in the column on the side.

We already said that this aquarium does not have a skimmer, so we have to depend on a well functioning biological removal and a continuous chemical action as well. Might be interesting run this tank with a DSB (Deep Sand Bed other informations here), which means filling it with about  13 cm of sand, that after a long maturing will become the real filter of the system, helped by about  8-10 kg of live rocks.

If you don’t want to go down this road, we suggest to add about 18 kgs of live rocks, that is 1 kg every 7 litres of aquarium’s volume. Live rocks will take care of the treatment of biological load of the aquarium.

Acquario marino Askoll Pure Marine XL HC Led: vista superiore con materiali filtranti e display

From the chemical point of view, in such a kind of aquarium a generous filtration with activated carbon and zeolite is crucial. The first one will keep your water clear and  neutralizes any compound issued by corals. The second one will help a quick disposal of ammonia, which means less nitrates at the end of nitrogen cycle.

Anyway the tank will have a nitrates surplus, because of the lack of the skimmer, so a weekly 10% or 20% water change is strongly recommended if you want to breed  corals more demanding of the soft ones.

Acquario marino Askoll Pure Marine XL HC Led: modulo di filtrazione meccanicaMechanical filtering sponges must be cleaned very often (every 2-3 days) and changed monthly using Pure Filter Media Kit, or,if used together with live rocks or DSB as I suggest, use them only a few days in a month, just in case of  suspended materials in the water.

And the price?

We don’t have a public price, but we can give you a rough idea of the price: between 350 and 400 euros. It’s a good price for us, given what it includes. The aquarium is complete and technically it needs only a couple of moving pumps.

The pumps should be chosen according to what we want to breed within the tank. As a general rule I can say that for a fish and soft corals tank you need two pumps of 5 times the tank’s volume, which means about 650 l/h each, while in case of LPS we should increase up to 1.350 l/h.

So the price is, according to us, fully in compliance with the technology included with the tank.


For further informations about Askoll Pure Marine XL HC Led we give you Askoll’s overview page on their website you can check  at this link .

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Acquario marino Askoll Pure Marine XL HC Led