Zetlight presents at Cips 2017 a new series of waterproof led ceiling lights

This opening picture is sensational, I admit it. But certainly the new Zetlight ZT6500 ZT6600 e ZT6800 should not be used like this.

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We are talking about a new series of three ceiling lights  of increasing power, from 80 to 210 watt according to the length. Especially designed for the marine world, with a strong peak on blue spectrum, these ceiling lights are the new full range by Zetlight for the demanding public of marine aquariums. Especially suggested for soft corals, LPS, and the first easy SPS.  Actually the powers involved don’t let us believe this is a ceiling light for demanding Acroporas. After all the price will be characterized by being a middle way in the current market.

Technical Features of Zetlight series ZT

  ZT6500 ZT6600 ZT6800
Power  80 watt  140 watt  210 watt
Light output  3.300 lumen  4.900 lumen  8.600 lumen
Dimensions  58x26x4(h) cm  78x26x4(h) cm  118x26x4(h) cm


The most interesting feature of this ceiling light is the fact that it is  IP67 certificated, namely to be completely protected from water splashes, even abundant, as you can see in the opening picture.

The ceiling light has a very traditional setting, thin, with length development and passive cooling system through dissipating wings. Of course it is not submersible, since it’s only IP67 and not IP68, but it certainly safeguards better from the accidental exposure with our aquariums water.The extensible lateral brackets allow a  great flexibility of fitting, as they cover, in the large version, 15 cm more of the length of the ceiling light for each side, and 10 in the smaller ones.

The led selection is a full spectrum approach, with a significant number of different low-power led, as you can see in next schedule.

Leds of the new Zetlight ZT series

Led  ZT6500  ZT6600  ZT6800 Color temperature
Wave length
 White  19%  19%  19%  6500°K
 Blue  34%  34%  34%  460-465 nm
 Purple  11%  11%  11%  410-415 nm
 Deep Blue  19%  19%  19%  455-460 nm
 Red  9%  9%  9%  660-665 nm
 Green  3%  3%  3%  530-535 nm
 Royal Blue  5%  5%  5%  470-475 nm
 Total Led number  64  128  192  


As we can see there are low-power led, and their allocation leads to a predominance in  percent of the blue-violet channel about at 69%.

One interesting thing is the fact that different lenses on every single led have been used, certain led have 60° lenses, others 90° ones, to provide an optimal light penetration.

As you can see, the leds themselves are clustered to form some giant rectangular clusters.

To provide a strong illumination, good also for SPS corals, we need only to place side by side more than one of these ceiling lights. In this way we can obtain a stronger light and penetration and a better coverage.

We really enjoyed these ceiling lights because they can fit different tank sizes. Because they are reasonably powerful, and to keep SPS corals we just have to place side by side more than one. And because they are IP67 and safeguard us even from profuse water splashes

What do you think about it?


For further informations about Zetlight we give you the link to their official website. We give you also the link to our editorial about CIPS 2017, where you can find all the articles we have written and the ones we will write from now forth.