Are fish comfortable in a minireef? Our story


This is the real purpose of this article: that week, after removing the two ocellaris and one of the two anemones from my 96 liters aquarium, I noticed a difference in the behavior especially of my Ecsenius bicolor and the other anemone. The latter indeed enlarged itself and centered the aquarium, searching for the light until the very surface! It has never been so big except when he has split in two. Maybe they annoyed each other? I can’t tell for sure, they had been anyway in the same part of the aquarium for a long time.

The main difference though was the behavior of the fish. Before he always leaned against the rocks, in the last days he was way more active: it gave show in the aquarium like never before, it fulfilled the tank. It was exuberant. I understood that what I thought was a peaceful cohabitation of healthy animals in reality wasn’t so positive. In fact the bicolor maybe felt more tighter than the other two. So I’m glad that these animals now are living in an aquarium 20% wider.

Il mio Ecsenius bicolor dopo qualche mese in acquario.

My Ecsenius bicolor after some months in aquarium

We have to think about how can be hard to understand if our fish have the space they need. The health isn’t all, we have to ask more questions: can they behave at their best? They’re sluggish or they’re feeling tight? For marine aquariums the amount of water it’s always been a critical point, the required space is huge. I have to confirm what we on have said from a long time, that we have to be very careful to species and number of animals we want to insert in our nanoreef.

Ecsenius Bicolor Nuoto

You can see from this picture how this fish use its entire body to swim, not only its tail.

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