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Waveline DC6000 – Variable Flow Pump – Review


2016_05 pompa waveline dc6000 02The Waveline pumps are imported in Italy by AGP, we have had one to test in details: the Waveline DC6000. Qui la recensione in italiano.

Amtra sconto 20%

Like usual we have measured hydraulic head, flow rate, consumption, cos(fi). In addiction, the Waveline DC6000 is an electric pump with a dedicated digital controller, so we could measure all the values for each incremental step.

The Waveline DC6000 declares 4,4 metres of hydraulic head, so we have preferred to use the usual static method; regarding the flow rate we used a flow meter, the DigiFlow 6710M, and for the consumption a new instrument, the RCE PM600.

What impresses in the Waveline DC6000 is the quality of the plastics, their refinements and the declared technical data. It costs 283 euro, a price that considering its qualities isn’t that high.

Technical characteristics of the Waveline DC6000


240 V – 50 Hz

120 V – 60 Hz
Flow rate:  6.000 l/h  1585 gph
Consumption:  55 watt  55 watt
Hydraulic head:  4,4 metres  13.12 ft
Width:  15,1 cm  5.95 inch
Profondità  9,1 cm  3.58 inch
Depth:  12,7 cm  5 inch
Price: 283 euro  


The DC6000 has a energy efficiency of 109 litres for each watt, an economic efficiency of 21,2 l/s per euro, a reference value of 26.400 l*m/h.

So, with 283 euro, we can bring home a modern and electric pump, very well made, piloted by and external remote control, with optimal performances and technical efficiency (the economic efficiency is a little lower than some chinese alternatives already on the market).

The construction

The pump is beautiful as you can see it: simple, linear and circular. We liked its construction very much.

2016_05 pompa waveline dc6000 01

Inside the box, with the protective panels, there’s the pump with the transformer, the cables and a small handbook with the use and maintenance instructions.

2016_02 pompa di risalita waveline dc6000 02

We have taken apart the pump to see its core, as usual.

2016_05 pompa waveline dc6000 06

It’s very well built even under the skull cap protecting the rotor. The rotor is built in yellow plastic, differently from the usual.

2016_05 pompa waveline dc6000 07

The rotor is very impressive.

2016_05 pompa waveline dc6000 08

The magnet is big, and the pales suggest an extremely silent work.

At page two our measurements


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