PetsFestival 2016 Aquascaping with ITAU Gaia Italia Equo Anubias and Newa


Some days ago we released our editorial concerning the PetsFestival 2016, that you can read here. italy-flag-28x19 qui la versione in Italiano di questo articolo.

Amtra sabbie e decorativi

Today we focus on the analysis of the various booths starting with the mega booth of Gaia Italia, Equo, Anubias and Newa. The booth was very huge and there was been many moments to share with public. The aquariums were very beautiful, as well as the “live” competition between the italian aquascapers, belonging to ITAU: Giuseppe Nisi, Fabio Lorusso and Enrico Fortuna and the french ones Greg Charlet, Michaël Leroy and Sèbastien Dechelette belonging to FACT (French Aquarium Creation Team).

A passionate competition for all the enthusiasts of this peculiar technique of preparation. It first saw the setting up of two beautiful aquariums, and then all the vote part. But we don’t want to deprive you of the suspance of knowing who won before we have shown you the aquariums.

But let’s proceed with order. In fact, the first event in program, sponsored by Anubias, was the presence of Oliver Knott. He’s an internationally known aquascaper who set up a live aquarium saturday morning.


You can see here the moment when enthusiasts and curious was crowding around the aquarium trying to participate at the event.


The aquarium is a shallow tank from Gaia Italia, with equipments by Newa, soil by Nature Soil of Oliver Knott and, obviously, plants by Anubias. The ceiling lights are the Zetlight UFO, already seen at the Interzoo, of which you can find some informations here.


The final result is extraordinary. Moreover, what I personally envy is the ease in preparation of this typology of aquariums. Unluckily, in the marine aquaristic world, we need months to see an almost definitive layout. Here it takes just a couple of hours. Yes, the final result it will be seen after some months, like we have already seen in the Equo’s The Orange Scapers project (you can see it again here), but sure it is that it’s light years far from what it’s possible to do the first day in the marine aquariology.


Above here we see the aquarium the day after the preparation, with clear water. And it’s already another thing to watch.


Spectacular, with no doubts.

In the same booth there was a still empty aquarium, with all Equo‘s products exhibited. This aquarium would have been the star attraction of Sunday afternoon where Roberto Bielli, Greg Charlet and Enrico Fortuna would have made a commented live preparation. We were able to extract a short documentary that we will propose in the next days.


For now we leave you to the usual final photos with the three protagonists, and the final aquascaping, from the left: Roberto Bielli, Enrico Fortuna and Greg Charlet.


It’s incredible that an aquarium like that has been set up in a little more than an hour. Do not miss our documentary.


Very beautiful was also the “Colour Emotions” aquarium, created by Fabio Lorusso and Giuseppe Nisi. Even in this case it’s possible to notice the lamps by Tekno Green which paint the water in an amazing way. The aquarium is obviously by Gaia, the equipment by Newa and the plants by Anubias.


Even the piece of furniture is spectacular. Finally the aquariums are getting less technical and much warmer.


Follow the aquariums set up in the huge booth of Gaia Italia, Equo, Anubias e Newa. Even in this case the lamps are by Tekno Green.


Another small aquascaping aquarium.


And again.

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