Interzoo 2016: Teco booth and ATM partnership

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga teco 2094We met Teco at the same place it used by several years, and we were happy for it (italy-flag-28x19 qui l’articolo in Italiano)

Amtra offerte per acquario

Teco booth indeed is very large and it showed the chillers from the smallest  TK150 (read our review) to the biggest TK2000, through the 2016 news till the great industrial chillers.

The basic range in fact has remained unchanged after the enormous changes that have characterized the transition from the old  Teco TC to the four new TK, including two reviewed positively in these pages, TK150 already mentioned and the TK500,  you can read here the review, and we continue to believe it is the best chiller actually on the market.

This year Teco work has been reflected mainly in two new products and a very interesting partnership with ATM.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga teco tk1000 2096

Obviously we are not talking about Teco TK1000 limoncello edition that this year has given cold limoncello (typical lemon liqueur), at 0.4°, to all those who request it. We emphasize the fact that the chiller firmware has been modified to operate at so low temperatures.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga teco 2095

The first real new is Teco TK2800lobster edition“, a TK2000 specifically designed for restaurants and similar, hence the name lobster, which lost most of its features to work in the restaurants, saving something to buyers. A product that would fit to work only on very large aquariums or which would need to maintain a very low temperature.

The technical specifications in fact tell us that it can cool an aquarium, not insulated, until 2000 liters and an insulated aquarium at 8°C up to 1400 liters. The compressor indeed has an efficiency of up to 810 liters in the cooling process.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga teco tk2800 2091

Teco TK2800 Lobster Edition

As you can see from the photograph it is a chiller appearing nude, all dedicated to the brute force of refrigeration.

Then we go out a bit from the field of aquarium to see the second big news by Teco, such as the TK9000 that, as the name suggests, broadens the Teco range at the top, reaching heights never touched before.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga teco tk9000 2092

Until today chillers for classical aquariums were four, the TK150, the TK500, the TK1000 and TK2000, which were also associated with the largest TK3000 and TK6000. Today Teco TK 9000 can handle aquariums up a 9.000 liters! And I want say: Blessed those who have these problems! Although most probably these are units for large public aquariums rather than for the rare domestic systems of this size.

In conjunction with the fair it was also granted the application Teco Aquarium, both iOS and Android, an application that shows us which is the chiller Teco best suited to our needs and our aquarium. Really well done and very complete, from the measurement of the volume up to the evaluation of the pump power. In fact the app recommended me the Teco TK500, but  I have preferred to use the smallest TK150 coupled to Teco Echill fans.


And finally we come to the best novelty. From this year  Teco will distribute in Italy, and in all European countries except England (well… in effect, now, the UK is no more Europe), the ATM products.

2016_05 Interzoo Norimberga atm 458

ATM is the acronym for Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, the company behind the tv  show Tanked in Italy with the name Acquari di Famiglia (read), on air on Sky. We met the  ATM products at the fair and I have to say that beyond my skepticism  seem to be of high-end products with many arrows to their bow, but we’ll talk about in a few days in detail.To increase knowledge of new products by Teco we address you to the official website and invite you to also read our Editorial about the fair to learn our point of view about Interzoo and to increase the knowledge of all other stands visited:

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