The new DC Elos pumps: DC3000, DC6000 and DC11000

elos dc11000

Elos presented a prototype for an electronic return pump during Interzoo 2014, as you can read in our past article in italian, and now it’s finally arrived the moment for production and selling (qui l’articolo in italiano).

Amtra scopri le offerte

The three new pumps presented are at direct current and obviously they can be settled with a dedicated display. They join the market dominated at the moment by the new pumps Ecotech Marine Vectra, the Tunze and the chinese ones like Corallinea Big World we tested few months ago.

These pumps borrow the name from their maximum flow and are three. Elos DC3000, Elos DC6000 and Elos DC11000, each one having very different performances. Note that DC means, obviously, Direct Current.

Let’s see the features of the three pumps:

Elos DC3000

  • Type of pump: Centrifugal DC
  • Flow: 2.800 l/h (739 gph)
  • Head: 2.6 m (8.5 feet)
  • Power consumption: n/a (24V/1A)
  • Price: 170,80 euro

elos dc3000Elos DC6000

  • Type of pump: Centrifugal DC
  • Flow: 6.000 l/h (1585 gph)
  • Head: 4 m (13 feet)
  • Power consumption: n/a (24V/1.6A)
  • Price: 274,50 euro

elos dc6000Elos DC11000

  • Type of pump: Centrifugal DC
  • Flow: 11.000 l/h (2905 gph)
  • Head: 5,6 m (18.5 feet)
  • Power consumption: n/a (24V/3.5A)
  • Price: 341,60 euro

elos dc11000

On Elos website the three pumps are immediately available and you can buy them following this link.

At the moment we don’t know if the settlements are related to linear power, as in the Big World, or if it’s possible a more careful set up like the one available for Ecotech Marine Vectra.

We hope, of course, to test one of them as soon as possible and then report all the values measured, as usual.

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