Vectra L1 – the new return pump from Ecotech Marine


ReefBuilders has found a leak from Ecotech Marine, the picture of the new return pump named Vectra L1.

Amtra scopri le offerte

From this unique image we can see that it’s a return pump characterized by a variable output, DC with the almost new Quiet Drive and the trasformer. So we think that it will be possible to connect this pump to all the Vortech with a Quiet Drive controller, wireless, and it will be easy to adjust the output by the usual knob.

At this moment we don’t know any specs, but thanks to a close look to the transformer, a Mean Well HLG-150H-36A, we see it can deliver until 36 volt, 150 watts and 4,2 ampere, it’s a lot of power that can lead only to a great output. Looking to other pumps on the market, with similar spec we can find pumps with 15.000 l/h of flow, yet this number is strictly related to the maximum height Ecotech Marine will  want to reach, because, as you know, output and height are always related one to another, like you can read in this article.


As ReefBuilders says, and we agree with that, it will be very interesting to understand if benefits from Quiet Drive could be translated to this new Vectra L1 to lower the noise at a very low level.

Another good question is from the name Ecotech Marine has chosen for his new first return pump, L1, maybe this acronym tells us this is the first pump from many? Or only the new project from EM?

It’s obvious these are questions we can’t solve at the moment, and we need to add another big question about the price, so we need to wait other leaks or until Ecotech Marine will want to tell us more.

But we can guess that we’ll have our answers very soon, because at the end of august there will be the Macna at Washington D.C. and we are absolutely sure that during the fair we’ll know everything, price included, because the stage of the project is too advanced to let us think that it will be presented during Interzoo in the next may 2016.

pompa di risalita a portata variabile ecotech marine vectra l1


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