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World Premiere: New Chiller line Teco Tank


Chiller Line Teco Tank

World Premiere: Teco has just unveiled his new series of chiller line Teco Tank. The new chillers have been completely redesigned, have a highly improved efficiency compared to older models and many interesting features that we are going to see together.

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A few days ago we were guests of the new Teco factory, which is based in Ravenna, and was acquired to build the new line of chillers.

We will meet again Teco at Interzoo, the Nuremberg Trade Fair at the end of May, and where the new chillers will be presented to the general public and distributors.

The new models are part of the Tank line, they are 4 models and are very different from the previous chillers series TR/TC. The new chiller line Teco Tank is composed, from the smallest to the largest, by TK 150, TK 500, TK 1000 and TK 2000.

They’re aimed for aquariums between 150 liters (40 US gallons) to 2000 liters (530 US gallons).

new Chiller Line Teco Tank tk 1000

The new characteristics of the new chiller line Teco Tank

The first thing that catches your eye, seeing new chiller line Teco Tank, is the difference in size compared to the old TR/TC, now the chillers are much smaller and developed in height instead of depth. A great addiction!

They are made of aluminum instead of plastic… apple docet?

The heater is now placed inside the chiller, there is no longer the version with or without the heater, a great addiction at the same price.

Different parts of the chiller were subjected to patent, and we’ll talk more about this in our next articles, and in the design of these beautiful objects there is also the hand of DaniReef thanks to some ideas we share with Teco in the last meeting.

new Chiller Line Teco Tank tk 150

The warranty has been extended, surely the Company believes in her new chillers.

The new chillers line Teco Tank have special accessories and constructive solutions that simplify the insertion inside the cabinet, as the upper air conveyor which can be rotated in any direction, the input and output pipes of the water that can be inserted in two different sides of the chiller, an higher efficiency than the model it will replace, Teco said an average about 15% better. Think about that for now the three larger models have the fan in the top and it’s much larger in order to lower the noise and power consumption and increase the cooling efficiency… some sort of the new apple mac pro?

In short we’ll release a complete review of all the technical aspects that we will detect and measure, with the description of the new Teco Body Condenser System and the new Teco Air System. All this and even more in the coming indepth articles.



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