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Aquatronica unveils the new Touch Screen!


The Nuremberg exhibition is coming and more companies are sharpening their nails and they are preparing their new products that will hopefully attract a growing number of customers.

Aquatronica, thanks to rumors leaked by the U.S. ReefBuilders blog, is about to launch the new Touch Screen.

As you know I was one of the first to try Aquatronica and to submit a test preview, you can read here, it’s in Italian but you can translate with google: Aquarium Controller di Aquatronica, and then I feel very involved in this system, and it make me happy to read about these advances.

So much so that in fact the basic unit was perhaps the weak point of the system, not so much as to its functionality, but mainly for aesthetic that was not equal to the product.

Now with this new center panel Aquatronica will make a significant leap forward, beautiful, wonderful, 7-inch color touch screen, you see, also remain compatible with all accessories on the market, but it seems to have a ethernet built-in controller  and wi-fi and for the first time, to my knowledge, in such a system there will be an SD card reader to accommodate the data and I assume the configuration of the system.


The latest gem regards the possibility to connect the controller with any mobile device, iPhone, iPad, a computer or Android system, via a browser interface.

We only remain to see it live in Nuremberg and waiting in stores in September 2012.

[via ReefBuilders]



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