Colombo Phosphate EX Nitrate Ex for the reduction of nitrates and phosphates

Colombo Phosphate Ex e Nitrate Ex per la riduzione di nitrati e fosfati in acquario marinoThe Dutch Colombo presents on the market two products thought for the elimination of nitrogen compounds, nitrates, and phosphate compounds, phosphates: Phosphate Ex and Nitrate Ex.

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They’re both liquid products sold in a package of 500 ml or 1 liters. The instructions are extremely easy, they only have to be tested in order to see how they behave in aquarium. I have them but I can’t try in my aquarium because it has the opposite problem: it’s over oxidized, with phosphates and nitrates values undetectable.

Unluckily the data we have don’t allow us to understand exactly what there’s in the two products, but we have some ideas.

Both of them have algae written on and this is the first effect that stands out due to an excess of these nutrients. In truth there are other problems. With an excess of nitrates the corals lose their color, while with a level of phosphates of 0,3 they stop their growth. Obviously this is an average value, but it’s not so far from the reality, at least for the major part of corals. Moreover, tending to that value the corals will slow down their growth.

Colombo Nitrate Ex

It has always been said that anti-nitrates resins in marine aquariums have a very limited efficacy. So that’s why in the last years the production focused on products that feed the bacteria, in order to make them destroy the nitrogen complexes.

And this is the case of Nitrates Ex. A product based on food for bacteria. Notice that the color of the bottle is the same of the nitrate test kit. This visual configuration correlates the problem and its solution and that’s a kind of idea I like very much.

Test kit nitrati e fosfati Colombo


To reduce effectively the nitrates you need to administer 1 ml of Nitrate Ex every 20 liters every day. If the nitrates level in aquarium should be higher than 20 mg/l you’ll have to double the doses. And you should also reconsider how you’re managing your marine aquarium.

For example, if you have an aquarium of 300 liters and with a nitrates level of 5 you have to administer 15 ml a day. The package of a half a liter will last you  33 days, while 66 days, obviously, the liter one.

The small package costs 12,10 euro, while the bigger one 20,65 euro. You will have a saving of 15% on a liter product. Maybe it’s not enough for choosing the bigger package.


Colombo Phopshate Ex

The phosphates reduction is a very used practice in aquaristic. Normally it’s common to use resins in a fluid bed, even if it’s not comfortable. Colombo suggests a liquid solution, easier to be used.

To eliminate 5 mg of phosphates you need to dose 1 ml of Phosphate Ex. You shouldn’t remove more than 0,5 mg/l of phosphates a day. Colombo warns not to go under 0,05 mg/l, too.

So, if you have, for example, a marine aquarium of 300 liters with a phosphates level of 0,6, and you want to decrease it until 0,1, you should do these simple calculations:

  • Aquarium liters: 300
  • Phosphates level: 0,6 mg/l o ppm
  • Total of phosphates: 300*0,6=180 mg
  • Wanted level of phosphates: 0,1 mg/l o ppm
  • Total of phosphates: 300*0,1=30 mg
  • Phosphates to be removed: 180-30=150
  • Product needed: 150/5=30 ml

According to the instructions the phosphates will decrease almost immediately. I suggest you to dose the product in sump to avoid any contact with the animals, even if that shouldn’t be any side effect. Be careful: the administration of Phosphate Ex causes an important pH decrease, so you have to dose it with a Kh of 8 at least.

Anyway you can calculate your dose with our automatic calculator.

The small package costs 14,55 euro, and the bigger one 21,85 euro. You’ll save 25% on a liter of product. More than enough, in this case, to choose the bigger package.

As soon as I’ll find and aquarium with phosphates I’m curious to try this product. And if any of you readers is from Rimini and have this problem feel free to contact me to try the product.


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